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Mind the Bollocks: A Riotous Rant Through the Ridiculousness of Rock'n'roll

Paperback, 02/08/2012, £9.99
From deeply suspect sexual politics to crackpot religions, musicians' elevated position in popular culture allows them to hold forth freely on subjects about which they know precious little. Mind The Bollocks collects some of the finest nuggets of wisdom ever to fall from their foul, ill-educated mouths.

Porterhouse Blue

Paperback, 07/11/2002, £8.99
Porterhouse is a backwoods institution which is supported by fee-paying students who buy their degrees. Sir Godber Evans, the new Master, is determined to make radical changes, provoking the wrath of the Dean, the Senior Tutor and, most intransigent of all, Skullion the Head Porter.