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Short Oxford History of English Literature

Paperback, 19/08/2004, £30.00
The Short Oxford History of English Literature is the most comprehensive and scholarly history of English literature on the market. It offers an introductory guide to the literature of the British Isles from the Anglo-Saxon period to the present day in eleven chapters covering all the major periods of English literature chronologically. Professor Sanders provides detailed analysis of the major writers and their works and examines the impact of British literature on contemporary political, social and intellectual developments. This third edition has been revised and updated for a 21st century reader, incorporating discussion of a greater number of female and contemporary authors.

Assertively Gay: How to Build Gay Self-esteem

Paperback, 21/03/1997, £11.99

Counselling for Depression: A Person-centred and Experiential Approach to Practice

Paperback, 14/03/2014, £23.99
The first book to take a humanistic - person-centred/experiential - approach to counselling to the most commonly presenting client issue, depression. A landmark text, covering everything from evidence-based practice to training, supervision and research, it establishes humanistic counselling as an evidence-based psychological intervention.

Mother Goose And Friends

Hardback, 03/04/2008, £9.99
The verses of Mother Goose celebrate the childhood experience in this lush edition by an artist with a fan base.


Hardback, 01/10/2009, £12.99
A well-known children's illustrator with a dedicated fan base revives the classic tale of Goldilocks with a cozy new ending.

Jane Austen: pocket GIANTS

Paperback, 03/02/2014, £6.99
and: A Rambling Fancy: In the Footsteps of Jane Austen, a travel book about Jane Austen's life and locations.Caroline's articles, book reviews and author interviews have appeared in The Times, The Independent on Sunday, Mslexia, newbooks and Books for Keeps.

How Machines Work

Hardback, 01/11/2011, £16.99
A truly interactive guide to how machines work. This fun, hands-on guide illustrates the principles of force and motion with colourful diagrams and twelve working machines to build - a must for budding engineers.

Box and the Dragonfly

Paperback, 05/03/2015, £6.99
From the moment Horace F Andrews sees the sign from the bus - literally a sign with his name on it - everything in his normal little life changes. An encounter with the House of Answers, a magically hidden warehouse full of mysterious objects and even stranger people, only leads to more questions.

Gluten Attack: Is Gluten waging War on our Health?

Hardback, 07/04/2016, £12.99
Gluten is regularly lambasted in the press, demonised by wellbeing experts and banned from more diets every day. But do we know why? Where does the hype end and science begin? And will bread forever be off the menu? This is an evidence-based guide revealing the truth about gluten.

Singing Express 3

Hardback, 20/06/2011, £29.99
Singing Express is a complete scheme for singing in the primary years. It supplies everything that children and teacher need for singing together- brilliant, cross-curricular singing materials, which naturally and easily help grow confident voices and full guidance and help with using them.

Our Revolution: A Future to Believe in

Paperback, 01/06/2017, £9.99

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy 3/ed

Paperback, 23/10/2012, £25.99
This established introduction to cognitive therapy now brings in behavioural therapy to explore the real-life practice of CBT today - from the theory and structure of CBT, through to the skills and context.