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Diversity and Difference in Early Childhood Education

7, 01/12/2005, £24.99
Gives an overview of relevant contemporary social theories, including poststructuralism, cultural studies, postcolonialism, feminist perspectives and queer theory. This book covers a number of issues impacting on children's lives, including globalization, new racisms, immigration, refugees, homophobia, heterosexism and constructions of childhood.

Financial Investigator's Companion

Paperback, 01/12/1997, £16.35

Heath Robinson: The Ideal Home (Foiled Journal)

07/03/2017, £9.99
Part of a series of exciting and luxurious Flame Tree Notebooks. Combining high-quality production with magnificent fine art, the covers are printed on foil in five colours, embossed, then foil stamped. And theyere powerfully practical: a pocket at the back for receipts and scraps, two bookmarks and a solid magnetic side flap.

We Will Not Be Silenced: The Academic Repression of Israel's Critics

Paperback, 11/01/2017, £10.00
Testimonials giving voice to scholars and students who have been targeted by the Israel lobby

The Global Police State

Paperback, 20/07/2020, £16.99
A critical look at the terrifying ways the police are used to control 'surplus' populations worldwide.

Escape Artist: The Nine Lives of Harry Perry Robinson

Hardback, 27/08/2020, £20.00
The life of Harry Perry Robinson-a born adventurer, a master of reinvention, and the ultimate witness to history. From a stint in the gold mines and helping to elect a US president, to the First World War and the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb.

Healthy Eating in Primary schools

Paperback, 08/02/2006, £34.99
Developed by Kent County Council to encourage their primary schools to promote healthy eating, this resource takes a whole-school approach towards children's eating and relates to the PSHE Curriculum and the Healthy School Standard. It contains a blend of easily accessible information on healthy eating supported by individual school case studies.

Buddhist Religions: A Historical Introduction 5ed

Paperback, 31/10/2003, £63.99
With this historical introduction to Buddhism, the authors aim to portray the thoughts and actions of the followers of Buddha. The book covers ritual, devotionalism, doctrine, meditation, practice, and institutional history.

Introducing Ethics : A Graphic Guide

Paperback, 04/09/2008, £7.99
Addresses such questions as: What is the place of individual choice and consequence in a post-Holocaust world of continuing genocidal ethnic cleansing? Is "identity" now a last-ditch cultural defence of ethnic nationalisms and competing fundamentalisms? And how do we define "rights", self-interest and civic duties?

Introducing Plato: A Graphic Guide

Paperback, 04/11/2010, £7.99
Explains how philosophers like Socrates and Pythagoras influenced Plato's thought. This book provides an account of Plato's puzzling theory of knowledge, and explains how this theory then directed his provocative views on politics, ethics and individual liberty.

Withnail And I

Paperback, 16/04/1998, £9.99
Presents the screenplay of the classic cult film by Bruce Robinson, with an introduction by the director.

Introducing Kierkegaard: A Graphic Guide

Paperback, 02/05/2013, £7.99
Brilliantly written and illustrated Graphic Guide to proto-existentialist and Eeyore of philosophy, Danish writer Soren Kierkegaard