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Sad Men

Hardback, 27/03/2014, £12.99
Tells the story of a life shaped by author's love of adverts, from seeing the PG Tips chimps at the age of three to writing infamous ads such as the Westpac Rap and having David Jason plug a family restaurant. This book offers the tale of a quest for advertising glory... and not quite ever getting there.

Tamed: Ten Species that Changed our World

Paperback, 07/06/2018, £9.99
Mail on Sunday **The extraordinary story of the species that became our allies.She reveals how becoming part of our world changed these animals and plants, and shows how they became our allies, essential to the survival and success of our own species.

Evolution: The Human Story

Hardback, 05/07/2018, £20.00


Paperback, 19/05/2016, £10.99
TV tie-in to major BBC series revealing a new history of the Celts and their international legacy today

Incredible Unlikeliness of Being: Evolution and the Making of Us

Paperback, 02/04/2015, £12.99
The presenter of the BBC's The Incredible Human Journey gives us a new and highly accessible look at our own bodies and into the past to uncover the evolutionary secrets hidden in all of us.

Incredible Human Journey

Paperback, 05/04/2010, £14.99
Traces the epic routes by which our human ancestors set out from Africa and peopled the entire planet.

Human Anatomy: Definitive Visual Guide

Hardback, 01/05/2014, £20.00
A guide to human anatomy. It features biological wonders of the human body, often at life-size, with spectacular anatomical images showing the body's structure in incredible detail, from bone sutures to lymph nodes. It takes you on a journey through all the body's systems, working down from the head to the toes, with an overview of each system.

Postcards of Political Icons: Leaders of the Twentieth Century

Hardback, 01/11/2008, £8.99
The twentieth century has seen perhaps more political upheaval and change than any other period. This book draws together a unique collection of images of the individuals who influenced and shaped the course of the century in the political arena. The result is a fascinating and unique insight into the iconography of political power.

American Railroads: Case for Nationalization

Paperback, 01/12/1980, £14.00