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Holocaust: A New History

Paperback, 07/09/2017, £10.99

Leading, Managing and Developing People 5ed

Paperback, 01/04/2016, £45.99
Understand the theory and practice of leading managing and developing people in the workplace with this definitive textbook

History of Experimental Film and Video

Paperback, 21/09/2011, £18.99
This new edition covers thehistory of avante-garde film and video, ranging from Cezanne and dada, via Cocteau, Brakhage and Le Grice, to the new wave of British video artists in the 1990s. The author also reconstitutes the avante-garde film as an independent form of art practice with its own internal logic and aesthetic discourse.

Expanded Cinema: Art, Performance, Film

Paperback, 11/05/2011, £19.99
Traces expanded and multi-screen cinema from its origins in early abstract cinema and the Bauhaus era to post-war happenings and live events in Europe and the US, the first video and multi-media experiments of the 1960s, the fusion of multi-screen art with sonic art and music from the 1970s onwards, right up to the digital age.

Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler

Paperback, 06/06/2013, £9.99
Adolf Hitler was an unlikely leader - fuelled by hate, incapable of forming normal human relationships, unwilling to debate political issues - and yet he commanded enormous support. So how was it possible that Hitler became such an attractive figure to millions of people?

Early Childhood Studies: An Introduction to the Study of Children's Lives and Children's Worlds 4ed

Paperback, 13/07/2015, £24.99
This comprehensive, up-to-date core text covers all aspects of the early childhood studies course. Throughout, key theories and research findings are highlighted and explored to help readers make links between theory and early years practice.