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Black and British: A Forgotten History

Paperback, 27/07/2017, £9.99
A story of the long relationship between the British Isles and the people of Africa and the Caribbean. It shows that the great industrial boom of the nineteenth century was built on American slavery, and that black Britons fought at Trafalgar and in the trenches of both World Wars.

Civilisations: First Contact / The Cult of Progress

Hardback, 05/04/2018, £15.00
"Published in conjunction with the BBC's Civilisations series"--Title page verso.

Kaiser's Holocaust

Paperback, 04/08/2011, £9.99
On 12 May 1883, the German flag was raised on the coast of South-West Africa, modern Namibia - the beginnings of Germany's African Empire. As colonial forces moved in , their ruthless punitive raids became an open war of extermination. Thousands of the indigenous people were killed or driven out into the desert to die.