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That Glimpse of Truth: The 100 Finest Short Stories Ever Written

Paperback, 07/09/2017, £15.00
The 100 finest short stories ever written, collected in one gorgeous volume.

On The Side Of The Angels

Paperback, 05/05/2012, £10.99

Tell it slant

Paperback, 01/11/2004, £8.99
Reveals the art of creative nonfiction. This book shows you how to: gain access to your own memories; look for material outside of yourself; address ethical issues when writing about other people; tackle (and enjoy) background research; avoid cliches and discover fresh language; and keep the passion of writing alive.

Writing True Stories: The complete guide to writing autobiography, memoir, personal essay, biography, travel and creative nonfiction

Paperback, 28/06/2017, £16.99
Clear, engaging and practical advice from Australia's foremost teacher and practitioner of memoir and life writing.

Getting Promoted

Paperback, 20/03/2004, £12.99
More money and more respect are commonly shared goals. This pithy guide shows the teacher how to shine at work, how to write CVs and perform well in interviews, in order to gain their well-deserved promotion.

View from the Bridge

Paperback, 30/03/2009, £8.99
Eddie Carbone is a longshoreman and a straightforward man, with a strong sense of decency and of honour. For Eddie, it's a privilege to take in his wife's cousins, Marco and Rodolpho, straight off the boat from Italy.

British Literature of the Blitz: Fighting the People's War

Hardback, 18/12/2008, £79.99
British Literature of the Blitz interrogates the patriotic, utopian ideal of the People's War by analyzing conflicted representations of class and gender in literature and film. Its subtitle - Fighting the People's War - describes how British citizens both united to fight Nazi Germany and questioned the nationalist ideology binding them together.

Between Us: Audiences, Affect and the In-Between

Paperback, 11/11/2016, £20.99
This is a book for audiences. It is a book for anyone who watches, is watched, and all the spaces in between. Introducing the idea of performance as a shared transformative experience, this engaging book will help you make sense of the performer/audience interaction in a landscape where boundaries are collapsing.

L.E.L.: The Lost Life and Scandalous Death of Letitia Elizabeth Landon, the Celebrated "Female Byron"

Hardback, 16/05/2019, £25.00
On 15 October 1838, the body of a thirty-six-year-old woman was found in Cape Coast Castle, West Africa, a bottle of Prussic acid in her hand. She was one of the most famous English poets of her day: Letitia Elizabeth Landon, known by her initials `L.E.L.' What was she doing in Africa?

Miller's Prologue and Tale

7, £10.25
A well-established and respected series with titles in the original Middle English.

Codename Tricycle

Paperback, 04/08/2005, £10.99
A wealthy lawyer, debonair ladies' man, consummate actor, and courageous gambler, Dusko Popov played the role of playboy amongst the top echelons of British society to become one of Germany's most trusted spies. After the war Dusko Popov was granted British citizenship and awarded an OBE.