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Time Traveller's Guide to Restoration Britain: Life in the Age of Samuel Pepys, Isaac Newton and The Great Fire of London

Paperback, 05/04/2018, £9.99
The third volume in the series of Ian Mortimer's bestselling Time Traveller's Guides answers these crucial questions and encourages us to reflect on the customs and practices of daily life. This unique guide not only teaches us about the seventeenth century but makes us look with fresh eyes at the modern world.

Outcasts of Time

Hardback, 15/06/2017, £12.99
From the author described by The Times as 'the most remarkable historian of our time', the publication of Ian Mortimer's first work of historical fiction is a hugely exciting event. A stunningly high-concept story that is both as daring as it is gripping, it is perfect for fans of Conn Iggulden, SJ Parris and Kate Mosse.

Perfect King: The Life of Edward III, Father of the English Nation

Paperback, 03/07/2008, £12.99
For centuries Edward III was celebrated as the most brilliant king England had ever had, and three hundred years after his death it was said that his kingship was perhaps the greatest that the world had ever known. This title shows how Edward personally provided the impetus for much of the drama of his fifty-year reign.

Greatest Traitor: The Life of Sir Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March

Paperback, 03/06/2010, £10.99
One night in August 1323, a captive rebel baron, Sir Roger Mortimer, drugged his guards and escaped from the Tower of London. With the king's men-at-arms in pursuit he fled to the south coast, and sailed to France. There he was joined by Isabella, the Queen of England, who threw herself into his arms.

Human Race: 10 Centuries of Change on Earth

Paperback, 01/10/2015, £10.99
Sweeping through the last thousand years of human development, this book is a treasure chest of the lunar leaps and lightbulb moments that, for better or worse, have sent humanity swerving down a path that no one could ever have predicted.

Fears of Henry IV: The Life of England's Self-Made King

Paperback, 03/07/2008, £16.99
In June 1405, King Henry IV stopped at a small Yorkshire manor house to shelter from a storm. That night he awoke screaming that traitors were burning his skin. His instinctive belief that he was being poisoned was understandable: he had already survived at least eight plots to dethrone or kill him. This book tells his story.

1415 - Henry V's Year of Glory

Paperback, 02/09/2010, £14.99
Henry V is regarded as the great English hero. Lionised in his own day for his victory at Agincourt, his piety and his rigorous application of justice, he was elevated by Shakespeare into a champion of English nationalism for all future generations. But what was he really like?

Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England

Paperback, 01/10/2009, £9.99
Explains what life was like in the most immediate way, through taking readers, to the middle ages, and showing various things from the horrors of leprosy and war to the ridiculous excesses of roasted larks and haute couture.

Centuries of Change: Which Century Saw the Most Change?

Hardback, 02/10/2014, £20.00
Takes you on a whirlwind tour of the last ten centuries of Western history. This book tells the story of godly scientists, shrewd farmers, cold-hearted entrepreneurs and strong-minded women. It states that our understanding of change will never be same.

Time Traveller's Guide to Elizabethan England

Paperback, 07/03/2013, £9.99
We think of Queen Elizabeth I's reign as a golden age. But what was it actually like to live in Elizabethan England? If you could travel to the past and walk the streets of London in the 1590s, where would you stay? What would you eat? This title reveals a country in which people still starve to death and Catholics are persecuted for their faith.