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The Gutenberg Galaxy

Paperback, 31/07/2011, £31.99
A must-read for those who inhabit today's global village, The Gutenberg Galaxy is an indispensable road map for our evolving communication landscape.

Mcluhan - Unbound

Paperback, 22/09/2005, £29.00

The Global Village: Transformations in World Life and Media in the 21st Century

Paperback, 10/12/1992, £14.99
The theme of McLuhan's book is the distinction between two quite different traditions of reasoning which have grown up in Western and Eastern countries, and how global communications have brought these two traditions into contact.

Mechanical Bride

Paperback, 22/09/2011, £16.99

Laws of Media: The New Science

Paperback, 00/06/1992, £28.99
In the McLuhan tradition, this New Science offers a while new understanding of human creation, and a vision that could reshape our future.

Media and Formal Cause

Paperback, 26/01/2011, £11.95

On The Nature Of Media

Hardback, 28/02/2017, £22.00

Understanding Media

Paperback, 18/05/2001, £15.99
Understanding Media: the most important book ever written on communication. Ignore its message at your peril.