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King John and Magna Carta

Paperback, 02/02/2015, £6.00
In 1215, a groundbreaking charter was signed at Runnymede. With full-colour illustrations and artworks, this guide is a perfect mix of the incompetent rule of King John and his legacy that is Magna Carta.

By Sword and Fire: Cruelty and Atrocity in Medieval Warfare

Paperback, 20/08/2009, £12.99
A vivid and original account of warfare in the Middle Ages and the cruelty and atrocity that accompanied it.

Blood Cries Afar: The Magna Carta War and the Invasion of England 1215-1217

Paperback, 04/05/2015, £16.99
Exactly 150 years after the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, history came extremely close to repeating itself when another army set sail from the Continent with the intention of imposing foreign rule on England.