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Lost Kings: Lancaster, York and Tudor

Hardback, 01/08/2017, £20.00
The majority of these young men died in their teens, on the brink of manhood. They represent the lost paths of history, the fascinating "what-ifs" of the houses of York and Tudor.

There Is No Planet B: A Handbook for the Make or Break Years

Paperback, 28/02/2019, £9.99
Escaping to Planet B to avoid environmental catastrophe is pure fantasy. This book is for anyone who yearns for a realistic alternative to the destructive path the world is on at the moment, and wants practical advice on how they can make things better.


Paperback, 07/10/2010, £9.99
We are, to use a technical economic term, screwed. The cowboy capitalists had a party with everyone's money and now we're all paying for it. What went wrong? And will we learn our lesson - or just carry on as before, like celebrating surviving a heart attack with a packet of Rothmans? This book tells the true story of the economic crisis.

Avro Lancaster Manual 1941 onwards (all marks): An Insight into Owning, Restoring, Servicing and Flying Britain's Legendary World War II Bomber

Hardback, 24/04/2008, £21.99
The legendary Avro Lancaster receives the famous Haynes manual treatment with the full co-operation and authorisation of the Royal Air Force. This book provides an insight into what it takes to restore and operate a Lancaster, as well as a wonderful insight into the engineering and construction of this remarkable aeroplane.

Mr Phillips

Paperback, 08/01/2001, £7.99
Mr Phillips is an accountant who lies in bed with his wife and dreams of other women. When he loses his job and tells no one, his first day out of work takes in a false journey to the office, a stroll with a pornographer in Battersea Park, a blue film, and a bank robbery in Knightsbridge.

Lancaster and York: The Wars of the Roses

Paperback, 02/07/2009, £11.99
The war between the houses of Lancaster and York for the throne of England was characterised by treachery, deceit and at St Albans, Blore Hill and Towton, some of the bloodiest and dramatic battles on England's soil. This title presents an account that focuses on the human side of history, on the people and personalities involved in the conflict.

Geomorphology of Desert Dunes

Paperback, 21/09/1995, £52.99
How desert dunes are formed, how they change, their environmental significance and the role of climate change - these issues are examined through extensive case studies drawn from South Africa, India, Northern Europe and Australia.