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Next Exit Magic Kingdom: Florida Accidentally

Paperback, 01/07/2008, £9.99
Florida is the land of pink flamingos, melanoma, the blue rinse, gang warfare and the electric chair. This work shatters the stereotypical image that is associated with Florida. It is a story of the places that chance can take you to and a portrait of the many sides of Florida, where dreams can be made as quickly as they are broken.

Cnut (Penguin Monarchs): The North Sea King

Hardback, 07/12/2017, £12.99

King of the Jews: Arnold Rothstein Story

Paperback, 06/04/2006, £20.00
Arnold Rothstein was one of the important but mysterious figures in the history of New York. A peer in the wood-panelled business sancta of the Rockerfellers and the Morgans, he was also the godfather of organized crime in America. This book aims to unravel the mysteries of Rothstein's life, a story ending in the final mystery of his murder.

How Soon is Now?: The Madmen and Mavericks who made Independent Music 1975-2005

Paperback, 02/11/2017, £12.99
'If you look at all the people involved - Ivo, Tony Wilson, McGee, Geoff Travis, myself - nobody had a clue about running a record company, and that was the best thing about it.' Daniel Miller, Mute RecordsOne of the most tangible aftershocks of punk was its prompt to individuals: do it yourself.

Further Adventures of King Rollo

7, 28/04/1983, £4.99
Join King Rollo and his friends - the magician, Cook, Queen Gwen and Hamlet the cat - as King Rollo tries to wash up the dishes, blows up balloons, invites King Frank to tea, and helps the magician to find his book of spells.

King Rollo's Playroom

7, 26/04/1984, £4.99
Four stories about King Rollo and his faithful friends, Magician, Cook, Queen Gwen and Hamlet the cat. It includes: "King Rollo and the Playroom", "King Rollo and the Breakfast", "King Rollo and the Dog", and "King Rollo and the Mask".

Tudor Books and Readers: Materiality and the Construction of Meaning

Paperback, 09/10/2012, £30.99
These essays by expert historians of the book exploring all aspects of Tudor book culture.

Grey King: The Dark Is Rising Sequence 4

Paperback, 30/09/2010, £7.99
Following a serious illness, Will is sent to stay with his uncle in the wild, bleak mountains of Tywyd. With Bran's help, Will set outs to find the golden harp and awaken the six sleepers who must join the final battle between the Dark and the Light.