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Guide to Keith Johnstone's Theatresports

Paperback, 02/05/2017, £10.00

StressLess: Proven Methods to Reduce Stress, Manage Anxiety and Lift Your Mood

Paperback, 06/06/2019, £12.99
A new title from bestselling author and illustrator Matthew Johnstone, paired with clinical psychologist Michael Player, and looking at ways to cope with stress, using techniques from CBT, ACT and Mindfulness.

Capturing Mindfulness

Paperback, 19/06/2014, £12.99
Beautifully illustrated new wellbeing title from the bestselling author of I Had a Black Dog

Quiet the Mind: An illustrated guide on how to meditate

Paperback, 05/04/2012, £8.99
From the author of the bestselling Alphabet of the Human Heart and I Had a Black Dog a beautifully illustrated book of how to meditate.

I Had a Black Dog

Paperback, 24/05/2007, £7.99
There are many different breeds of Black Dog affecting millions of people from all walks of life. The Black Dog is an equal opportunity mongrel.

Living with a Black Dog

Paperback, 29/01/2009, £8.99
From the author of the bestselling I Had a Black Dog, a touching and beautifully illustrated book, written for those who care for those suffering from depression.

Alphabet Of The Human Heart: The A to Zen of Life

Paperback, 06/01/2011, £12.99
An inspiring and life-affirming gift book for people of all ages, from the author of I Had a Black Dog.

Phenomenology of Dance

Paperback, 12/06/2015, £23.99
Reprint of the ed. published by University of Wisconsin Press, Madison, 1966.

Schizophrenia: A Very Short Introduction

Paperback, 22/05/2003, £8.99
Describes what schizophrenia is really like, how the illness progresses, and the treatments applied. This book summarizes the knowledge about the biological bases of this disorder. It attempts to give some idea of what it is like to have schizophrenia, and what this disorder tells us about the relationship between the mind and the brain.

Users and abusers of psychiatry

Paperback, 19/06/2000, £35.99
This new edition is completely revised and updated it uses the authors real-life examples to argue that the traditional way of treating mental illness can often exacerbate people's problems.

Impro for Storytellers: Theatresports and the Art of Making Things Happen

Paperback, 17/05/1999, £14.99
Since the sixties, Keith Johnstone has led the work on improvisation in theatre, schools and universities. His unique ideas, set out in the classic text, Impro, have now been taken up by practitioners the world over. This book builds on and extends the seminal earlier work.

Restorative Justice

7, 22/09/2011, £37.99