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Understanding Sport: A Socio-Cultural Analysis 2ed

Paperback, 16/07/2012, £39.99

Madness: A Bipolar Life

Paperback, 16/04/2009, £9.99
A searing, unflinching and deeply moving account of Marya Hornbacher's personal experience of living with bipolar disorder.

About A Boy

Paperback, 27/05/2010, £8.99
At thirty-six, he's as hip as a teenager. He's single, child-free, goes to the right clubs and knows which trainers to wear. He's also found a way to score with women: attend single parents' groups of available mothers, hoping to meet a Nice Guy. Which is how Will meets Marcus, the oldest twelve-year-old on the planet.

31 Songs

Paperback, 06/11/2003, £7.99
Discusses, among other things, guitar solos and losing your virginity to a Rod Stewart song and singers whose teeth whistle and the sort of music you hear in Body Shop. The author writes about 31 songs that either have some great significance in his life - or are just songs that he loves.

Remote Sensing for Ecology and Conservation

Paperback, 08/07/2010, £51.00
Remote sensing describes the technique of collecting information from a distance. This book describes the ways that remotely sensed data from research on biodiversity and its conservation can be captured and used, especially for evaluating human impacts on ecological systems.

Captain Hornblower R.N.

Paperback, 28/05/1987, £12.99
Includes the stories "Hornblower and the Atropos", "The Happy Return", and "A Ship of the Line".

Oxford Classical Dictionary

Hardback, 29/03/2012, £110.00
Completely revised and updated, the fourth edition of this established dictionary offers entries on all aspects of the classical world. With reception and anthropology as new focus areas and numerous new entries, it is an essential reference work for students, scholars, and teachers of classics and for anyone with an interest in the classical era.

Life Below Stairs

Paperback, 13/03/2014, £9.99
The real lives of servants in the second half of the twentieth century.