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Bread and Jam for Frances

Paperback, 27/06/2002, £4.99
Frances is a fussy eater, she hates eggs, swaps her chicken salad sandwiches and refuses her boring veal cutlet. She wants to eat bread and jam for ever. Until Mother Badger devises a cunning plan to make her change her mind.

Baby Sister for Frances

Paperback, 27/06/2002, £4.99
With the arrival of baby Gloria in the house Frances feels that living with her parents is not as much fun as it used to be, so after dinner she packs her bag and runs away to under the dining room table. But when she overhears her parents talking about how much they all miss her, she decides that she should go back home.

Bedtime for Frances

Paperback, 27/06/2002, £4.99
It's seven o'clock and bedtime for Frances, but she is not yet tired. She needs a glass of milk, a piggyback, goodnight kisses and a room free of tigers, spiders and giants. But she still cannot sleep till her father patiently explains why it is important for her to bright and cheerful for school the next day. Then, she finally falls asleep.

Twenty-Elephant Restaurant

Paperback, 07/11/2013, £7.99
The inimitable duo of Russell Hoban and Quentin Blake tell a hilarious romp that begins with a wobbly table ... and ends with a bunch of dancing elephants!

Ace Dragon Ltd

Paperback, 02/06/2016, £6.99
A fire-breathing dragon takes a boy on a fantastic sky-high adventure in this irresistible Hoban and Blake classic.

Rosie's Magic Horse

Paperback, 05/09/2013, £6.99
A story that could have come only from the imagination of Russell Hoban, vividly brought to life by the picture-book supremo Quentin Blake.

Angelica Lost And Found

Paperback, 07/11/2011, £7.99
A vertiginous and dazzling spin on the classic quest story by 'far the most imaginative novelist in Britain' (Independent)

Riddley Walker

Paperback, 24/05/2012, £8.99
The stunning and unique novel which is hailed as a modern classic


Paperback, 01/01/2015, £6.99
"Hoban is the best sort of genius." Patrick Ness, The Guardian

Mouse And His Child

Paperback, 03/04/2000, £5.99
The mouse and his child are discarded into the rubbish after Christmas. Forced to join the ruthless Manny the rat, they remain indomitable - with the help of their guardian angel, a self-absorbed frog trapped in an old glove.

Mouse and His Child

Hardback, 05/11/2015, £6.99
'What are we, Papa?' the toy mouse child asked his father. 'I don't know,' the father answered. 'We must wait and see.' So begins the story of a tin father and son who dance under a Christmas tree until they break the ancient clockwork rules and are themselves broken.

Near Thing for Captain Najork

Paperback, 02/04/2015, £6.99
Another classic from Russell Hoban and Quentin Blake, featuring a jam-powered frog and an eccentric headmistress ... as nutty and compulsive as ever.