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Love Me Do

Hardback, 27/09/2012, £15.00
The story of the Beatles in 50 key moments.

Renoir's Dancer: The Secret Life of Suzanne Valadon

Hardback, 25/10/2017, £25.00
From the author of The Mistress of Paris, a lavish biography of a remarkable 19th-century woman.

Developing Person-Centred Practice: A Practical Approach to Quality Healthcare

Paperback, 09/03/2015, £30.99
A practical, case study based application of the principles of person-centred practice and its development. Everyone is talking about person-centred care but now there's a how-to guide which actually supports and reflects the challenges of implementing and pursuing this in everyday practice to make it a reality in healthcare.

Innovative Teaching and Learning in Primary Schools

Paperback, 12/02/2015, £24.99
Drawing on contemporary research and case studies from the UK and internationally, this book examines the theory behind innovative teaching and learning and its practical application in primary schools.

Mistress of Paris: 19th-Century Courtesan who Built an Empire on a Secret

Paperback, 07/04/2016, £8.99
A fantastically readable biography of a 19th-century Parisian courtesan who harbours an incredible secret

Map Of A Nation

Paperback, 07/07/2011, £10.99
The fascinating story of the creation of the Ordnance Survey map, told for the first time by a brilliant young historian.


7, 01/04/2010, £19.99
Gives an account of how some citizens actively assist state surveillance by informing on others, such as during the Cold War and the campaign against terrorism. The author provides a study of human informers - people who secretly supply information to a domestic security agency (a spy provides information to a foreign intelligence service).

Stalked: A Life Lived in Fear A Terrifying True Story

Paperback, 28/08/2014, £8.99
A young woman's harrowing account of being stalked by the man she once loved

Using Research in Practice: It Sounds Good, But Will it Work?

Paperback, 06/09/2011, £29.99
Today, evidence-based practice is essential but how can the latest research findings influence your own health care practice? This engaging book uses case scenarios and worked examples to provide clear and practical guidance on how to identify, interpret and implement the research results of others, within your daily professional care.