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Oxford Handbook of Key Clinical Evidence

24/09/2009, £29.99
This new handbook digests and presents the key trials influencing current clinical practice, selected and summarised by figureheads in the medical and surgical specialties. The handbook format allows readers to quickly access and assimilate the evidence behind the practices and interventions experienced every day.

Introduction to Art

7, 05/01/2010, £19.99
Covering the history of art, from Paleolithic cave painting onwards, this book provides foundational guidance to the basic character and techniques of the different art forms, to the various genres of painting in the western tradition, and to the techniques of sculpture as they have been practised over several millenia and across cultures.


Paperback, 31/05/1997, £8.95
Modernism is used generally to convey a faith in progress and a healthy scepticism for received ideas and traditional values. Harrison looks at modernism in order to consider what the defining characteristics of this art form are.

Still Counting the Dead

Paperback, 06/06/2013, £8.99
While the world looked the other way, Sri Lanka's Tamils, civilians and rebels alike, were systematically and pitilessly attacked by their own government for five relentless months. Survivors of the devastation tell their stories of sacrifice, cruelty and bravery


Paperback, 16/12/2011, £22.99
An invaluable companion for students studying or about to study criminology. Maintaining its clear style and comprehensive coverage of core skills, the book includes a much needed new chapter on plagiarism, and has been updated with additional information on e-resources and the varying educational levels within a degree.

Inside the Primary Black Box

Paperback, 01/12/2009, £5.50


Paperback, 09/05/2013, £10.99
The first novel to win the BOARDMAN TASKER PRIZE, now with a brand new introduction by Robert Macfarlane, author of THE OLD WAYS.

Implementing Change in Health Systems

Paperback, 05/03/2004, £39.99
This comprehensive and comparative study of health service change focuses on the influence of health professionals on the process and shape of change. The book examines the development and implementation of national health system reorganizations in the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Ethical Consumer, The

7, 15/03/2005, £34.99
Unlike the many books on corporate social responsibility, the focus of this text is on ethical consumers; their behaviour, discourses and narratives as well the social and political contexts in which they operate and the manner and effectiveness of their actions.