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Introduction to Criminology

Paperback, 27/11/2012, £78.00
'This book has turned out to be a gem of a text. Not only does it cover wholly relevant, informative and engaging topics but everything is complimented with a comprehensive web based resource package' - Lucy Huby, Dept of Care and Social Sciences, Moray College

Treating Bipolar Disorder

Paperback, 24/04/2007, £26.99
This manual presents a powerful approach for helping people manage bipolar illness and protect against the recurrence of manic or depressive episodes. Each phase of the treatment is vividly detailed.

Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance 2ed

Paperback, 12/11/2013, £29.99
Provides dancers and dance teachers with an understanding of how they can use imagery to improve their dancing and artistic expression in class and in performance. This book features 300 illustrations that cover the major topics, showing exercises to use in technique, artistic expression and performance.

Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery 2ed

Paperback, 01/02/2012, £25.99
Shows you how to use imagery, touch and movement exercises to improve co-ordination and alignment. This edition contains more than 600 imagery exercises along with illustrations to help visualize the exercises and use them in various contexts. It includes exercises that also help relieve tension, and enhance the health of the spine and back.