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French Revolution: A Very Short Introduction 2ed

Paperback, 12/12/2019, £8.99
William Doyle chronicles the unfolding events of the French Revolution, from the quarrels of the first revolutionaries with the king, to the Terror, to the rise of Napoleon. Considering how and why the revolution destroyed the age-old cultural, institutional, and social structures in France, Doyle also explores its lasting effects today.

Old European Order 1660-1800 2ed

Paperback, 26/11/1992, £48.49
This survey of European history covers a period of 140 years which witnessed the beginnings of the contemporary world. In his account of the economic, social, intellectual and governmental structure and development of pre-revolutionary Europe, the author stresses economic and social trends.

Aristocracy: A Very Short Introduction

Paperback, 25/11/2010, £8.99
Aristocracies dominated the social, economic, and institutional history of all European countries until only a few generations ago. William Doyle strips away the myths and beliefs which have always surrounded them, looking at how these very distinctive governing elites held onto power, and analyses when, how, and why they eventually lost it.