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Of Grammatology

Paperback, 04/01/2016, £27.50
One of contemporary criticism's most indispensable works, Of Grammatology is made even more accessible and usable by this new release.

Writing and Difference

Paperback, 18/05/2001, £14.99
In the 1960s a radical concept emerged from the great French thinker Jacques Derrida. Read the book that changed the way we think; read Writing and Difference, the classic introduction.

Insister of Jacques Derrida

Hardback, 20/11/2007, £55.00
In Insister Helene Cixous brings a unique mixture of theoretical speculation, breath-taking textual explication and scholarly erudition to an extremely close reading of Derrida's work.

Death Penalty: v1

Hardback, 10/01/2014, £28.50
While much has been written against the death penalty, the author contends that Western philosophy is massively, if not always obviously, complicit with a logic in which a sovereign state has the right to take a life.