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Vagrant Nation: Police Power, Constitutional Change, and the Making of the 1960s

Paperback, 14/09/2017, £17.49
In Vagrant Nation, Risa Goluboff has found a way to explain how the interaction between 1960s social movements and the courts fundamentally changed both American law and society writ large. By look at the changing views regarding a minor type of crime-vagrancy-Goluboff shows how the courts were cast directly into the midst of the turmoil sweeping the nation.

Idiot Brain: A Neuroscientist Explains What Your Head is Really Up To

Paperback, 02/03/2017, £8.99
SHORTLISTED FOR THE GOODREADS BEST SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY BOOK AWARD Motion sickness. Nightmares. Forgetting people's names. Why did I walk into this room?? For something supposedly so brilliant and evolutionarily advanced, the human brain is pretty messy, fallible and disorganised.

Red Dean of Canterbury: The Public and Private Faces of Hewlett Johnson

Hardback, 31/10/2011, £16.95
re-examines Hewlett Johnson's extraordinary life and career on the 80th anniversary of his appointment as Dean of Canterbury.

Horror Stories: Classic Tales from Hoffmann to Hodgson

Paperback, 09/11/2018, £8.99
This anthology brings together 29 of the greatest horror stories from the British, Irish, American, and European traditions through the long 19th century. It ranges widely across diverse sub-genres including the supernatural, psychological and tales of the uncanny, and features established classics as well as little-known works.

Happy Brain: The Science of Where Happiness Comes From, and Why

Paperback, 04/04/2019, £8.99
In his research into these questions - and many more besides - Burnett unravels our complex internal lives to reveal the often surprising truth behind what makes us tick.

Plague in the Early Modern World: A Documentary History

Paperback, 18/01/2019, £34.99
"Plague in the Early Modern World presents a broad range of primary source materials from Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, China, India, and North America that explore the nature and impact of plague and disease in the early modern world"--

Ethic Of Welfare

Paperback, 24/03/2004, £28.99
Britain's New Labour government claims to support the cause of human rights. At the same time, it claims that we can have no rights without responsibility and that dependency on the state is irresponsible. The ethics of welfare offers a critique of this paradox and discusses the ethical conundrum it implies for the future of social welfare.

Is Daddy Home Yet?

Paperback, 13/06/2013, £6.99

Sex, Likes and Social Media: How the Digital Age is Affecting Our Teens - and What We Can Do to Help

Paperback, 01/09/2016, £12.99
Through their professional work with young people, their parents and teachers, the authors know what makes today's teenagers tick. In this book, they share their experience and show you how to have positive, meaningful conversations with your teenage children around sex, social media, pornography, body image, consent and safety.

What am I Doing Here?

Hardback, 03/11/2016, £16.99

Social Rights and Human Welfare

Paperback, 05/03/2015, £37.99