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Hamid Dabashi's Iran: A People Interrupted

Paperback, 15/07/2017, £6.50
Hamid Dabashi suggests that the Iranian Revolution of 1978-9 would not have taken place had it not been for the influential ideas set out by eight Iranian Islamic thinkers in the decades before it occurred.

Can Non-Europeans Think?: With a Foreword by Walter Mignolo

Paperback, 09/04/2015, £12.99
In this challenging and thought-provoking book Dabashi pulls together a unique constellation of historical and theoretical reflections on current affairs to argue that we need to break down the ethnographic gaze that is evident with intellectual thinking in the Arab world.

Arab Spring

Paperback, 10/05/2012, £14.99
In this landmark book, Hamid Dabashi argues that the revolutionary uprisings from Morocco to Iran and from Syria to Yemen were driven by a 'delayed defiance' - a point of rebellion against domestic tyranny and globalized disempowerment alike - that signifies no less than the end of Postcolonialism.