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Folens Geography Highlights, Geography for infants

Paperback, 01/02/2002, £19.99

Therapeutic Education: Working Alongside Troubled and Troublesome Children

Paperback, 06/04/2006, £42.99
Tracing the application and outcome of a four-year international research project examining the use of the principles of therapeutic education in a school setting, this book offers practical guidance for teachers of troubled children.

Art of Record

7, 12/09/1996, £12.99
This work looks at the role of documentary in film and television. It presents a clear view of the theoretical issues and critical debates which surround documentary, and discusses the development of the main styles and approaches, including dramadocs and fly-on-the-wall.

Media and the Restyling of Politics

Paperback, 18/09/2003, £41.99
Bringing together the work of leading academics in media and cultural studies, this book questions the ways in which emerging forms of political style relate not only to new conventions of celebrity and publicity but to ideas about representation, citizenship and the democratic process.

Dark Box: A Secret History of Confession

Hardback, 05/02/2015, £9.99