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Paperback, 18/01/2005, £14.99
Stigmata collects some of Helene Cixous' most intriguing meditations. A unique book, it is a testimony to an extraordinary writer.

Writing Notebooks

Paperback, 01/03/2004, £25.99
Helene Cixous is among the most influential and original literary critics and feminist thinkers of our time. This volume reproduces - for the first time, in any language - a collection of pages from her original writing notebooks, offering a unique insight into her radical thought and work.

Adult Learning and la Recherche Feminine: Reading Resilience and Helene Cixous

Paperback, 15/12/2011, £64.00
Using Helene Cixous' notion of 'l'ecriture feminine' as an analogy for transformational learning and an investigative tool, Hoult explores why some adult learners are able to survive and thrive in the education system, despite facing significantly more challenges than the average student.

Coming to Writing and Other Essays

7, 02/09/1992, £26.95
A collection of six essays, translated from the French, in which Cixous explores how the problematics of the sexes - viewed as a paradigm for all difference, the organizing principle behind identity and meaning - manifest and write themselves in texts.

Dream I Tell You

Hardback, 26/01/2005, £17.99
This book is an account of, and commentary on, a collection of dreams by the novelist, playwright and theorist Helene Cixous.

Insister of Jacques Derrida

Hardback, 20/11/2007, £55.00
In Insister Helene Cixous brings a unique mixture of theoretical speculation, breath-taking textual explication and scholarly erudition to an extremely close reading of Derrida's work.