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What Good are the Arts?

Paperback, 01/06/2006, £11.99
From one of the country's most eminent reviewers and academics, a delightfully sceptical and devastatingly intelligent assessment of the true value of art.

Essential Paradise Lost

Paperback, 02/05/2019, £12.99
After its publication in 1667, John Milton's Paradise Lost was celebrated throughout Europe as a supreme achievement of the human spirit.

Little History of Poetry

Hardback, 10/03/2020, £14.99
A vital, engaging, and hugely enjoyable guide to poetry, from ancient times to the present, by one of our greatest champions of literature

William Golding the Man who Wrote Lord of the Flies

Paperback, 02/09/2010, £10.99
William Golding was born in 1911 and educated at his local grammar school and Brasenose College, Oxford. He published a volume of poems in 1934 and during the war served in the Royal Navy. Afterwards he returned to being a schoolmaster in Salisbury. This title introduces Golding.

Unexpected Professor: An Oxford Life in Books

Paperback, 05/03/2015, £10.99
A funny memoir of John Carey, best known for his provocative stance on the arts and the academic establishment. It shows his journey from an ordinary background to Oxford's oldest literary professorship.

Connell Guide to William Golding's 'Lord of the Flies'

Paperback, 15/01/2016, £8.99
A riveting account of the way Lord of the Flies came to be written and published, and of the qualities which make it one of the most disturbing books since World War Two.

Faber Book of Reportage

Paperback, 16/10/1989, £19.99
What was it like to be caught in the firestorm that destroyed Pompeii? To have dinner with Attila the Hun? To watch the charge of the Light Brigade? To see the Titanic slide beneath the waves? This title offers an account from memoirs, travel books and newspapers.