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Comparing Welfare States

Paperback, 04/06/2001, £29.99
Praise for the First Edition: `A clear and concise introduction to comparative social policy. It provides students with a framework in which to analyze the British welfare regime and to compare it with those developed and developing elsewhere' - Hilary Graham, Professor of Applied Social Studies, University of Warwick In this extensively revised Second Edition, the British case is related to the experiences of the United States of America, Sweden, Germany and Ireland, and set in the context of policy issues within the European Union. This textbook provides a critical introduction to British and comparative social policy. Drawing on the comparative analysis of welfare regimes, the book show how the welfare systems of individual countries can only be understood thorugh exploring the wider global context. The chapters highlight the richness, complexity and dynamics of welfare regimes in different countries, while ar the same time considering shared features and trends. This text is a course book for The Open University course, Family Life and Social Policy (D311).