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Practising EU Foreign Policy: Russia and the Eastern Neighbours

Hardback, 01/12/2017, £80.00
This book is a novel contribution to the 'practice theory' turn in International Relations. It looks at practitioners' approaches to the EU's foreign policy to its eastern neighbourhood, particularly Russia, and offers a new methodology for capturing practices using the analytical approach of Discursive International Relations and the Discursive Practice Model. -- .

Biology: A Global Approach 11ed

Paperback, 27/02/2017, £57.99

Umbria: A Cultural Guide

Paperback, 01/07/2013, £20.00
Cultural history of Umbria from ancient Umbri to the present day

John McPake and the Sea Beggars

Paperback, 19/06/2014, £12.40
Soon after John McPake's marriage falls apart he starts hearing voices. An obsession with the works of Breughel develops into a full blown delusion, and he assumes the personna of Johannes, a 16th century Dutch weaver who travels with his friends, Balthazar and Cornelius, in pursuit of his son who has been abducted by the Spanish mercenaries.

Franklin's Flying Bookshop

Paperback, 01/08/2018, £6.99

Thelema: An Introduction to the Life, Work, and Philosophy of Aleister Crowley

Paperback, 12/03/2018, £21.65
An accessible guide to Thelema, including a brief biography of Aleister Crowley, an overview of his most important ideas, and instructions for performing Thelemic rituals and magick

Viking Raiders

Paperback, £8.10

Criminal Process 5ed

Paperback, 27/06/2019, £32.99
The Criminal Process is an authoritative and highly stimulating treatment of the key issues in criminal process and procedure, authored by one of the leading figures in the field.

Iron Lady: Margaret Thatcher: From Grocer's Daughter to Iron Lady (Abridged)

Paperback, 07/05/2009, £14.99
In this abridged edition of John Campbell's two acclaimed volumes on Margaret Thatcher, we trace the life of Britain's only female Prime Minister, from her upbringing in Grantham to her unexpected challenge for leadership of the Conservative party to her eleven tumultuous years in Downing Street and her eventual removal from power.

Noisy Farm: 30th Anniversary Edition

09/01/2020, £6.99
A special 30th anniversary edition of Rod Campbell's classic lift-the-flap farm animal story

Wise Friend

Paperback, 28/03/2020, £9.95
Patrick's aunt Thelma was an artist whose work turned towards the occult. As an adult he discovers a journal of her explorations, and his son Roy becomes fascinated. His experiences at the sites scare Patrick away, but not Roy. Can he convince his son that his suspicions are real, or will what they've helped to rouse take a new hold on the world?

This Happy

Hardback, 11/06/2020, £14.99
For readers of Eimear McBride, Anna Burns and Claire Louise Bennett, This Happy is a fervid, glowing-hot novel about relationships and the way the past informs the present from a hugely exciting new voice in contemporary literary fiction.