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Science, Order and Creativity

Paperback, 01/09/2010, £16.99
Tracing the history of science from Aristotle to Einstein, from the Pythagorean theorem to quantum mechanics, this title offers intriguing insights into how scientific theories come into being, how to eliminate blocks to creativity and how science can lead to an understanding of society, the human condition and the human mind itself.

Science, Order and Creativity

7, 16/03/2000, £23.99
The authors argue that science has lost its way in recent years and needs to go beyond a narrow and fragmented view of nature and embrace a wider holistic view that restores the importance of creativity and communication for all humanity.

On Creativity

Paperback, 01/09/2004, £14.99
Creativity is fundamental to human experience. In On Creativity David Bohm, the world-renowned scientist, investigates the phenomenon from all sides. This is a remarkable and life-affirming book by one of the most far-sighted thinkers of modern

On Dialogue

7, 01/09/2004, £15.99
David Bohm identified creative dialogue, a sharing of assumptions and understanding, as a means by which the individual, and society as a whole, can learn more about themselves and others and achieve a renewed sense of purpose.