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Organometallics 1: Complexes with Transition Metal-Carbon α-bonds

Paperback, 17/03/1994, £21.99
Outlines the main classes of transition metal organometallic complexes and introduces the reader to the chemistry of compounds with metal-carbon s-bonds: metal carbonyls, metal alkyls, and metal alkylidenes and alkylidenes. This work also illustrates synthetic methods leading to each class of compounds with examples.

Organometallics 2: Complexes with Transition Metal-Carbon Ï bonds

Paperback, 17/03/1994, £21.99
This short text gives an overview of the organometallic chemistry of transition metals. Structural principles and reactions are illustrated with numerous examples. Together with the companion volume Organometallics 1, the text is suitable as the basis for undergraduate courses and revision.