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Artificial Intelligence: A Very Short Introduction

Paperback, 06/09/2018, £8.99
This concise guide explains the history, theory, potential, application, and limitations of Artificial Intelligence. Boden shows how research into AI has shed light on the working of human and animal minds, and she considers the philosophical challenges AI raises: could programs ever be really intelligent, creative or even conscious?

Ai: Its Nature and Future

Hardback, 26/05/2016, £12.99
Artificial Intelligence surrounds us; in our homes, schools and offices, in our cinemas, in art galleries and - not least - on the Internet. Margaret Boden considers the realistic and unrealistic expectations we have placed on AI, analyses its progress, and considers the value of its byproducts.

Adam Chodzko: Plans and Spells

Paperback, 01/06/2002, £9.95