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Women & Power: A Manifesto

Hardback, 02/11/2017, £8.99

Rome in the Late Republic

Paperback, 27/01/2000, £17.99
This textbook outlines the factors that every student must assess for a proper understanding of the period, from the attitudes of the aristocracy and the role of state religion to the function of political institutions.

Women & Power: A Manifesto

Paperback, 01/11/2018, £6.99

Classics: A Very Short Introduction

Paperback, 24/02/2000, £8.99
Starting with a visit to the British Museum, the authors prompt us to consider the significance of Classics as a means of discovery and enquiry, its value in terms of literature, philosophy, and culture, and its importance as a source of imagery.

Classical Art

Paperback, 26/04/2001, £19.99
This look at Classical art starts with the excavation of the buried city of Pompeii, and investigates the monuments of ancient tyrants, and the sensual beauty of Apollo and Venus. Concluding with the human portrait, it highlights the re-discovery of Classical art in the modern world.

SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome

Paperback, 01/04/2016, £10.99

Pompeii: Life of a Roman Town

7, 16/07/2009, £9.99
Contains chapters that include Street Life, Earning a Living: Baker, Banker and Garum Maker (who ran the city), and The Pleasure of the Body: Food, Wine, Sex and Baths. This book offers an insight into the workings of a Roman town.