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Paperback, 04/09/2008, £9.99
How can one writer hurt another where it really counts? This is the problem facing novelist Richard Tull, contemplating the success of his friend and rival Gwyn Barry. Revenger's tragedy, comedy of errors, contemporary satire, The Information is an extraordinary novel of dark humour and piercing insight.

Martin Amis

Paperback, 22/05/2008, £18.99
Booker-shortlisted for "Time's Arrow" and known for his novels, short stories, essays, reviews, and autobiographical works, Martin Amis is one of the influential of contemporary British writers. This guide to Amis' diverse and often controversial work offers an introduction to the contexts and various interpretations of his texts.

Fiction of Martin Amis

7, 01/04/2000, £20.99
In this guide, Nicolas Tredell explores the critical judgements and interpretations generated by Amis's novels since the mid-70s. It brings together material whch considers key issues such as his use of language, his concern with time and his relation to modernity and postmodernity.

Martin Amis: the essential guide

Paperback, 06/02/2003, £6.99
Presents a guide to the works of Martin Amis. This work offers an interview with Martin Amis, relating specifically to the texts under discussion. It deals with Amis' themes, genre and narrative technique.

Lionel Asbo

Paperback, 06/06/2013, £9.99
Lionel Asbo - a very violent but not very successful criminal - has always looked out for his nephew, Desmond Pepperdine. He gives him fatherly advice and introduces him to the joys of Internet porn. Des, on the other hand, desires nothing more than books, a girl to love and to steer clear Uncle Li's psychotic pitbulls, Joe and Jeff.

London Fields

7, 03/06/1999, £9.99
The narrator, Samson Young, enters the Black Cross, a thoroughly undesirable public house, and finds the main players of his drama assembled, just waiting to begin. It's a gift of a story from real life... all Samson has to do is to write it as it happens.