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Karl Marx: Selected Writings

Paperback, 22/06/2000, £41.99
Providing a selection of Marx's writings, this book includes extracts from the whole range of Marx's most important pieces. It also includes a bibliography and editorial commentary on each document and provides the background and context of Marx's writing in each period. It is for those wishing for an overview of Marx's political philosophy.

Communist Manifesto

Paperback, 26/04/2018, £4.99
WITH A NEW INTRODUCTION BY YANIS VAROUFAKIS The Communist Manifesto was first published in London in 1848, by two young men in their late twenties. Maintaining that the history of all societies is a history of class struggle, the manifesto proclaims that communism is the only route to equality, and is a call to action aimed at the proletariat.

Karl Marx and the Birth of Modern Society: The Life of Marx and the Development of His Work

Hardback, 28/02/2019, £25.00
For over a century, Karl Marx's critique of capitalism has been a crucial resource for social movements. Now, recent economic crises have made it imperative for us to comprehend and actualize Marx's ideas. But without a knowledge of Karl Marx's life as he lived it, neither Marx nor his works can be fully understood.

Capital Volume 1

Paperback, 06/12/1990, £18.99
Presents a critique of private property and the social relations it generates. This book argues that capitalism would create an ever-increasing division in wealth and welfare, predicting its abolition and replacement by a system with common ownership of the means of production.

Communist Manifesto

Paperback, 26/02/2015, £2.00
Presents Marx and Engels's revolutionary revolutionary summons to the working classes - one of the most important and influential political theories ever formulated.