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Action Research: Improving Schools And Empowering Educators 4ed

Paperback, 24/10/2013, £33.99
Practical book that introduces practicing educators to the process of conducting classroom-based action research.

Curriculum Studies in Post-Compulsory and Adult Education

Paperback, 11/07/2002, £29.99
This Practical guide to curriculum studies will help to form a better understanding of curriculum planning and development. Written in line with FENTO and ILT guidelines for experienced and student teachers, this text encourages the user to learn through doing.

From Village School To Global Brand

Hardback, 14/06/2012, £25.00
Can education be run as a profitable business and still be driven by a humanitarian vision? SABIS[registered] shows the answer is yes. This title tells the definitive history of SABIS[registered], the organisation that is changing the world through education.

What Pupils Really Think About their Schools

Paperback, 31/07/2008, £16.99
Presents an overview of various aspects of secondary school life - through the eyes of its students. This book examines how student experiences can help teachers to take stock of their teaching styles and methodologies, and allows a look at the way schools are run on a daily basis.

Education, Education, Education: Reforming England's Schools

Paperback, 31/08/2012, £12.99
An essential book about a hot ticket issue by one of British politics' genuine big-hitters.

Reforming Schools

Paperback, 01/06/2001, £25.00
This work aims to transform the study of school reform, development and improvement. It not only provides an overview of policy developments, professional and political issues, research findings and their history; it also relates such thinking to case studies.

Mindful Teacher, Mindful School: Improving Wellbeing in Teaching and Learning

Paperback, 14/06/2017, £18.99
With this guide to mindful practice, teachers will learn how to use mindfulness in their own professional and personal lives as well as how to incorporate it in their teaching to support student wellbeing.

Cleverlands: The Secrets Behind the Success of the World's Education Superpowers

Paperback, 08/02/2018, £8.99
As a teacher in an inner-city school, Lucy Crehan was exasperated with ever-changing government policy claiming to be based on lessons from `top-performing' education systems. She resolved to find out what was really going on in the classrooms of countries whose teenagers ranked top in the world in reading, maths and science.

How to Be a Peaceful School: Practical Ideas, Stories and Inspiration

Paperback, 19/04/2018, £14.99
Promote peace at school with this practical guide, which provides a simple four step system for improving wellbeing and nurturing the potential of pupils and staff. It is full of easy-to-implement anti-stress and anti-bullying strategies, plus ideas for getting children interested in peace on a global level.

School Wars: The Battle for Britain's Education

Paperback, 19/10/2012, £8.99
The story of the struggle for Britain's schools, and a passionate call for education as a public good.

Schools of Hope

Paperback, 25/06/2003, £17.99
Is education about meeting new targets, whether they be in mathematics or management? Or is it about developing socially responsible, creative and enthusiastic learners? Terry Wrigley excoriates current thinking in 2003 and offers a new vision of school development with inspiring examples.

Future of Schools, The

Paperback, 29/08/1997, £26.99
This text provides an analysis of the efforts to establish systems of self- managing schools around the world. The core of this book is the description of the transformation of the education system in the state of Victoria, Australia.

Co-ordinating Services for Included Children

Paperback, 01/10/2002, £15.99
Draws on a case study of an inter-agency project to identify factors contributing to successful inter-agency work.

School improvement in practice

Paperback, 13/10/1995, £28.99
Effective change leading to school improvement is the focus of this practical text. Designed to be dipped into, or read as a whole, the contributors recount their experiences of effecting change in schools in one inner-city LEA.

Teacher-Led School Improvement

Paperback, 25/05/2000, £28.99
A fresh look at school improvement from the perspective of professional development. Written to aid teachers in taking the initiative in identifying areas in need of improvement and finding ways of making the necessary changes.

America's Failing Schools

Paperback, 20/05/2005, £14.99
New education laws call for new testing, accountablity and reports cards at the state, district and school levels. Despite the enormous reach of these new developments, few people actually understand them. This book makes these laws and their implications clear.

Lessons for the Future

Paperback, 10/04/2006, £11.95

School improvement after inspection

Paperback, 28/10/1998, £19.99
School inspection under OFSTED continues to generate discussion and controversy. This book is a contribution to the wide debate about the role and function of OFSTED inspection, particularly as it relates to school improvement and raising standards.

Schooling as violence

Paperback, 26/08/2004, £27.50
In this unique, thought-provoking book, Clive Harber argues that while schooling can play a positive role, violence towards children originating in the schools system itself is common, systematic and widespread and that schools play a significant

Supporting teachers supporting pupils

Paperback, 01/04/2004, £22.99
Teacher support is a much-used but little-defined concept. It is often used with little explanation the nature of the support required. This title draws from the real-life experiences and perceptions of primary and secondary school teachers and documents their ideas on how they define their job, the difficulties they face and the support they need.

Health Promoting School

Paperback, 20/09/2001, £19.99
In this book the authors consider health promotion in a broad sense, they incorporate personal and social education, environmental education, self-esteem and empowerment.

School Wars: The Battle for Britain's Education

Paperback, 22/08/2011, £12.99
Story of the struggle for Britain's schools and a passionate call for education as public good.

One-to-one Tuition: An Ideal Context For Learning

Paperback, 14/06/2011, £5.00
This lecture evaluates the impact on attainment of one-to-one tuition in both the state and shadow systems and argues that while it can be very effective, it is not a panacea.

Tail: How Our Schools Fail One Child in Five - and What Can be Done

Paperback, 28/02/2013, £12.99
In this book, eighteen of Britain's leading educational practitioners and specialists examine why our education system is persistently failing so many young people, and they propose a range of practical and achievable solutions.

Education Denied

Paperback, 01/03/2003, £20.99
International Education Policy Program

Improving Subject Teaching : Lesons From Research in Science Education

Paperback, 14/09/2006, £21.99
There is growing demand for education to look to research results to provide the evidence to inform choices and decisions about educational matters. This book explores the view that education should become more evidence-based by considering the relationship between research and practice in the context of the science curriculum.

Creating the Future School

7, 07/09/2000, £24.99
This book is based on the changes a five year-old, Angelica will see in her lifetime. It predicts that the career of teaching will change and the work of the professional educator will differ significantly.

Classrooms as Learning Communities

7, 26/05/2005, £16.99
In classrooms that operate as learning communities, the social and learning purposes advance together through all participants being involved and engaged in building knowledge. This book demonstrates a new way of seeing and managing classrooms.

Using Effectiveness Data For School

Paperback, 07/12/2010, £22.99

Art of Standing Out: Transforming Your School to Outstanding... and Beyond

Paperback, 04/07/2016, £15.00
The Art of Standing Out is the culmination of 18 years' experience as a headteacher for Andrew Morrish. He has a proven record for transforming challenging schools - one that few can match. The founder of a successful MAT, Andrew shares the journey from special measures to outstanding - showing clearly how to create a standout school.

Rethinking The Curriculum

Paperback, £20.00

Success Against the Odds - Five Years On (Revisiting effective schools

Paperback, 24/05/2001, £26.99
Success Against the Odds - Five Years On revisits eleven schools, in a variety of disadvantaged areas, that were studied five years ago to see if they are still managing to do well in the current climate.

Teacher-led Development Work: Guidance and Support

Paperback, 14/03/2003, £25.99
This text is a step-by-step guide to how the quality of teaching and learning in schools can be improved through the development of organizational capacity and professional networking. The book is designed for the National College of School Leadership's Networked Learning Community scheme.

Conversation About Happiness

Hardback, 03/04/2014, £14.99
Orphaned at the age of nine, Mikey Cuddihy left the US to board at the experimental Summerhill School. Like Hideous Kinky, this memoir describes coming of age in the strange and dangerous world of the unravelling social experiment of the late 1960s.

Educational Imperative, The

7, 15/09/1994, £26.99
Divided into four sections, the first examines the ends of education and outlines a conception of education as an initiation into critical enquiry and the personal art of learning. The middle sections consider aesthetic education. The final section offers appraisals of figures in the arts field.

Excellence in Education

7, 01/01/2005, £15.00
Discusses all the elements that have contributed to improvements including: improving the quality of the leadership team; the setting of targets and use of data; curriculum innovation; improved discipline and order; and the designation of nearly 2,000 schools as specialist schools. This book can serve as a manual for school improvement.

Developing school

Paperback, 18/05/1989, £26.99
This book provides practical guidelines and a framework for teachers as they try to develop their schools. Leadership, the management of curriculum change and INSET for development are areas covered and supported by case study illustrations.

A-Z of School Improvement

Paperback, 28/03/2013, £24.99

Creating a Vision for Your School: Moving from Purpose to Practice

Paperback, 08/02/2007, £18.99
This book offers guidelines for involving staff, parents, and students in school development, with a CD-ROM of reproducibles to customize the program to your own school culture.

Old Boys

Hardback, 13/03/2015, £25.00

Education Policy Unravelled 2ed

Paperback, 06/10/2016, £22.99
Derek Kassem is the first author of the previous edition.

What's Race Got to do with it? How Current School Reform Policy Maintains Racial and Economic Inequality

Paperback, 30/01/2015, £25.50
Bringing together the frameworks to investigate the role that race plays in hallmark policies of neoliberal school reforms such as school closings, high-stakes testing, and charter school proliferation, this book examines how that reform expands racial and economic inequality, and share grassroots stories of resistance to these reforms.

Improving Induction: Research Based Best Practice for Schools

Paperback, 01/08/2002, £30.99
Induction - the first year of a teacher's career - is a crucial, and potentially difficult, period. This title is based on a comprehensive nationwide research project into the implementation and effectiveness of contemporary statutory regulations covering induction in England.

Beyond The School Gates

Paperback, 08/04/2011, £22.99
Around the world, schools are being asked to offer new services to students, families and communities in order to overcome the effects of disadvantage. This book critically examines the role of full service and extended schools.

Inside the Black Box: Raising Standards Through Classroom Assessment: v. 1: Pt. 12

Paperback, 28/05/2005, £6.50
Offers practical advice on using and improving assessment for learning in the classroom.



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