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Ryan Perry

Dr Ryan Perry & Dr Hannah Schühle-Lewis

Whittington’s Gift: A project exploring London’s first ‘Common Library’ (c. 1425) and the Religious Literature of Fifteenth Century England 

Time and Date: Saturday 30 April, 13:30 - 14:30

Ticket price: £10 in person/ £9 online

Location: St Gregory’s Zg01: CT1 1QU

Biographical note

Dr Ryan Perry 

Dr Ryan is a Reader in Medieval Literature from the University of Kent; he has published widely on Middle English religious and historiographical literature. 

Dr Hannah Schühle-Lewis 

Dr Hannah Schühle-Lewis is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the University of Kent; she completed her PhD in Oxford 2019 and is a specialist on late medieval religious and Wycliffite writings. 

Event details

This project will demonstrate that London citizens created new programmes of religious education for both the City's clergy and for literate lay communities that have hitherto gone largely unnoticed by scholarship. Thanks to the charitable legacy of Richard Whittington (d. 1423), perhaps London’s most storied mayor, an extraordinary new resource for religious education emerged under the auspices of Whittington’s innovative executor, John Carpenter, common clerk of London’s Guildhall. By tracking the transmission of texts sourced from the Guildhall Library, we aim to radically complicate scholarly understanding of fifteenth-century devotional culture, in the capital and beyond. 


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Canterbury Tales

Hardback, 15/10/2019, £20.00
Written between 1387 and 1400 as a series of stories told by a group of thirty people who travel as pilgrims to Canterbury, 'The Canterbury Tales' offers romance, farce, philosophy, religion and satire in a ribald reflection of humankind. This offers a specially written introduction to contextualise the book.
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  Canterbury History Weekend 2023
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