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Myths We Live By

Paperback, 01/04/2011, £16.99
Originally published: 2004. With new foreword.

Deprivation and Delinquency

Paperback, 01/09/2011, £18.99

Je, Tu, Nous

Paperback, 01/02/2007, £15.99
Exploring women's experiences of motherhood, abortion, the AIDS crisis and the beauty industry, this book presents one of the most important thinkers of our day in her own words.

Enjoy Your Symptom!

Paperback, 03/09/2007, £18.99
Introduces the ideas of Jacques Lacan through the medium of American film, taking his examples from over 100 years of cinema, from "Charlie Chaplin" to "The Matrix" and referencing along the way such figures as Lenin and Hegel, Michel Foucault and Jesus Christ. This book is a guide to cinema and psychoanalysis.

Shakespeare's Ghost Writers

Paperback, 22/03/2010, £17.99
Presents an examination of the authorship controversy surrounding Shakespeare: the claim made repeatedly that the plays were ghost written. This title asks what is at stake in the imputation that 'Shakespeare' did not write the plays, and shows that the plays themselves both thematize and theorize that controversy.

Outside in the Teaching Machine

Paperback, 01/09/2008, £19.99
A collection of essays on works of literature, such as Salman Rushdie's controversial "Satanic Verses", and twentieth century thinkers, such as Jacques Derrida and Karl Marx. It questions and deconstructs power structures where ever they operate.

Oppression and Liberty

Paperback, 18/05/2001, £10.99
In this remarkable work, Weil analyses the causes of oppression, its mechanisms and forms, and questions revolutionary responses while presenting a prophetic view of a way forward.

Flying Saucers

Paperback, 11/04/2002, £11.99
Written in the 1950s at the height of popular fascination with UFOs, this is the great psychologist's brilliantly prescient meditation on the phenomenon that gripped the world.

Aspects of the feminine

Paperback, 17/04/2003, £13.99
"Love is a force of destiny whose power reaches from heaven to hell". So Jung advises while reflecting on "The love problem of a student", contained in this volume. He also speaks of concepts crucial to his understanding of the personality, such as animus and anima.

Gender Trouble

Paperback, 01/05/2006, £20.99
Arguing that traditional feminism is wrong to look to a natural notion of the female, or indeed of sex or gender, this book questions the category 'woman' and continues in this vein with examinations of 'the masculine' and 'the feminine'. It considers gender as a reiterated social "performance" rather than the expression of a prior reality.

Varieties of Religious Experience

Paperback, 01/02/2008, £15.99
A study of human spirituality in its different forms. This book also includes stories of revelation, religious devotion and mystical experience.

Law, Legislation and Liberty

Paperback, 03/09/2012, £19.99

Suicide: A Study in Sociology

Paperback, 21/02/2002, £15.99
Originally published in 1897, this is Durkheim's pioneering attempt to offer a sociological explanation for a phenomenon regarded until then as exclusively psychological and individualistic.

Fairies in Tradition and Literature

Paperback, 20/06/2002, £13.99
This remarkable book explores the history of fairies in literature and tradtion.

British Folk Tales and Legends: A Sampler

Paperback, 01/08/2002, £13.99
An extravaganza of beautiful princesses and stout stable boys, sour-faced witches and king with hearts of gold. Each tale is a masterpiece of storytelling from the hilarious Three Sillies to the delightfully macabre Sammles ghost.

Mysticism: Christian and Buddhist

Paperback, 09/05/2002, £13.99
This classic work by D.T. Suzuki, the man who brought Zen Buddhism to the west, is a book that challenges and inspires; it will benefit readers of all persuasions who seek to understand something of the nature of spiritual life.

Use and Abuse of History: Or How the Past is Taught to Children

Paperback, 21/08/2003, £14.99
This is a book for anyone interested in history, what it is and where it comes from. Engaging and challenging, it confronts us with the many 'histories' that exist and have existed around the world.

Culture Industry

Paperback, 17/05/2001, £14.99
This book is an unrivalled indictment of the banality of mass culture - Adorno's finest essays are collected here, offering the reader unparalleled insights into Adorno's thoughts on culture.

Secure Base

Paperback, 01/09/2005, £16.99
As author himself points out in his introduction to this seminal childcare book, to be a successful parent means a lot of very hard work. Controversial yet powerfully influential to this day, this classic collection of his lectures offers important guidelines for child rearing based on the crucial role of early relationships.

How the Irish Became White

Paperback, 01/09/2008, £19.99
Tells the story of how the oppressed became the oppressors; how Irish immigrants achieved acceptance among an initially hostile population in America, only by proving that they could be more brutal in their oppression of African Americans than the nativists.

Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment

Paperback, 01/09/2008, £22.99
Explores the words and ideas of Black feminist intellectuals and writers, both within the academy and without. This book provides an interpretive framework for the work of such prominent Black feminist thinkers as Angela Davis, bell hooks, Alice Walker, and Audre Lorde.

World of Perception

Paperback, 01/02/2008, £15.99
Central to Maurice Merleau-Ponty's thought was the idea that human understanding comes from our bodily experience of the world that we perceive. This title provides a guide to a whole universe of experience, from the pursuit of scientific knowledge, through the psychic life of animals to the glories of the art of Paul Cezanne.

Learning to Curse

Paperback, 01/02/2007, £17.99
Takes an approach - 'New Historicism' drew from history, anthropology, Marxist theory, post-structuralism, and psychoanalysis and in the process, blew apart the academic boundaries insulating literature from the world around it. This book charts the evolution of that approach and provides an exploration of a contradictory epoch.

Transcendence of the Ego

Paperback, 30/03/2011, £15.99

Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy

Paperback, 01/04/2011, £17.99

Basic Writings: Martin Heidegger

Paperback, 31/08/2010, £17.99
Few philosophers have had more influence on the shape of western philosophy after 1900 than Martin Heidegger. This title offers a full range of this profound and controversial thinker's writings, including: "The Origin of the Work of Art"; "The introduction to Being and Time"; "What Is Metaphysics?"; and, "The End of Philosophy".

Bertrand Russell's Best

Paperback, 17/02/2009, £11.99
Bertrand Russell is regarded as one of the 20th century's greatest minds. Well-known for his profound knowledge and controversial approach to myriad of different issues and subjects, his prolific works also exhibit great intellectual wit and humour. This book presents a testament to the remarkable life work and wit of Bertrand Russell.

Philosophical Essays

Paperback, 17/02/2009, £11.99
Features a selection of seven essays that displays the author's incisiveness and brilliance of exposition in the examination of ethical subjects and the nature of truth.


Paperback, 12/03/2010, £15.99
An examination of the concepts of nothingness and freedom, both of which are derived from the ability of consciousness to imagine objects both as they are and as they are not - ideas that would drive Sartre's existentialism and entire theory of human freedom.


Paperback, 12/03/2010, £20.99
Illuminates the social pretentions of the middle classes in the modern world, focusing on the tastes and preferences of the French bourgeoisie. This book argues that the social world functions simultaneously as a system of power relations and as a symbolic system in which minute distinctions of taste become the basis for social judgement.

Science of Mythology

Paperback, 11/10/2001, £10.99
Science of Mythology provides an account of the meaning and the purpose of mythic themes that is linked to modern life: the heroic battles between good and evil of yore are still played out, reflected in contemporary fears.

Keeping Faith

Paperback, 01/09/2008, £19.99
A collection of essays, which critique structures of power and oppression as they operate within American society and provide a way of thinking about human dignity and difference. It explores the politics and philosophy of America, the role of the black intellectual, and the fate of African Americans.

General Theory of Magic

Paperback, 18/05/2001, £11.99
Offers a fascinating snapshot of magic throughout various cultures as well as deep sociological and religious insights still very much relevant today.

Medicine, Magic and Religion

Paperback, 17/05/2001, £10.99
In this classic work, the author introduced the then revolutionary idea that indigenous practices are indeed rational, when viewed in terms of religious beliefs.

What is Literature?

Paperback, 18/05/2001, £13.99
In What is Literature? sartre the novelist and Sartre the philosopher combine to address the phenomenon of literature, exploring why we read, and why we write.

Short History of Ethics

Paperback, 09/05/2002, £13.99
What is right? What is wrong? How do we decide? To a remarkable extent, our decision-making is determined by the origins of the ethical ideas that we employ and the history of their development. This title presents an insightful history of moral philosophy in the West, from the Greeks to contemporary times.

Political Unconscious

Paperback, 13/06/2002, £14.99
This ground-breaking and influential study explores the complex place and function of literature within culture. It takes its place as one of the most meaningful works of the twentieth century.

Archaeology of Knowledge

Paperback, 09/05/2002, £14.99
Michel Foucault was part of a glittering generation of thinkers, one which included Sartre, de Beauvoir and Deleuze. Arguable his finest work, this classic is a challenging but fantastically rewarding introduction to his ideas.

One-Dimensional Man: Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society

Paperback, 11/07/2002, £15.99
One of the most important texts of modern times, Herbert Marcuse's analysis and image of a one-dimensional man in a one-dimensional society has shaped many young radical's way of seeing and experiencing life.

Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition

Paperback, 11/04/2002, £14.99
In 1600, renagade philosopher and theologian Giordano Bruno was burnt at the stake in Rome. His crime was to preach a doctrine of brotherhood, peace and free love. Four centuries later he is known as the Prophet of the New Age.

Meaning of Relativity

Paperback, 06/02/2003, £11.99
These lectures were given in 1921, the same year Einstein received the Nobel Prize for Physics. They remain key texts for anyone wishing to discover the workings of one of the most ispiring minds of the twentieth century.

Undiscovered self

Paperback, 04/04/2002, £13.99
In this text, Jung explains the essence of his teachings for a readership unfamiliar with his ideas. He highlights the importance of individual responsibility and freedom in the context of today's mass society.

Need for Roots

Paperback, 12/10/2001, £13.99
In this, her most famous book, Weil reflects on the importance of religious and political social structures in the life of the individual.

Rosicrucian Enlightenment

Paperback, 12/10/2001, £14.99
A history of the role that the occult has played in the formation of modern science and medicine, The Rosicrucian Enlightenment has had a tremendous impact on our understanding of the western esoteric tradition.

Sovereignty of Good

Paperback, 18/05/2001, £11.99
Throughout her distinguished and prolific writing career, she explored questions of good and bad, myth and morality. The framework for Murdoch's questions - and her own conclusions - can be found in the Sovereignty of Good.

Sketch for a Theory of the Emotions

Paperback, 12/10/2001, £11.99
One of Sartre's most important pieces of writing, Sketch for a Theory of the Emotions not only anticipates but argues many of the ideas to be found in his famous Being and Nothingness.

Myth and Meaning

Paperback, 17/05/2001, £11.99
In addresses written for a wide general audience, one of the twentieth century's most prominent thinkers, Claude Levi-Strauss, here offers the insights of a lifetime on the crucial questions of human existence.

Madness and Civilization 2ed

Paperback, 17/05/2001, £16.99
In this classic account of madness, Michel Foucault shows once and for all why he is one of the most distinguished European philosophers since the end of World War II.

Modern Man in Search of a Soul

Paperback, 17/05/2001, £15.99
Modern Man in Search of a Soul is the perfect introduction to the theories and concepts of one of the most original and influential religious thinkers of the twentieth century.

Prospects of Industrial Civilization

Paperback, 27/08/2009, £16.99
Argues that industrialism is a threat to human freedom, since it is fundamentally linked with nationalism. This book offers a glimpse into subtleties of the author's political thought.

Enlightenment's Wake

Paperback, 03/07/2007, £11.99
Turning his back on neoliberalism at the moment that its advocates were in their pomp, trumpeting 'the end of history' and the supposedly unstoppable spread of liberal values across the globe, Gray's was a lone voice of scepticism. The thinking he criticised here would lead ultimately to the invasion of Iraq.
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