Roman History

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Roman Presences: Receptions of Rome in European Culture, 1789-1945

Paperback, 23/04/2007, £32.99
Scholars from several disciplines explore the significance of Rome from the late eighteenth century to 1945.

Augustus: The Biography

Paperback, 28/07/2016, £14.99


Paperback, 12/01/2012, £35.00
The Romans gives a thorough account of the political and military history of ancient Rome down to the fall of the empire in 476, while also providing a solid grounding in the social and cultural history of the period.

Real Lives of Roman Britain

Hardback, 01/05/2015, £20.00
An innovative, informative, and entertaining history of Roman Britain told through the lives of individuals in all walks of life

Rome's Italian Wars

Paperback, 04/04/2013, £12.99
In Books 6 to 10 of his monumental history of Rome, Livy deals with the period in which Rome recovered from its Gallic disaster to impose mastery over almost the entire Italian peninsula in a series of ever greater wars. Vivid portrayals of personalities, politics, warfare, and religion bring 4th-century Italy vividly alive in this new translation.

Hannibal's War

Paperback, 25/06/2009, £12.99
Livy's great history of Rome contains, in Books 21 to 30, the definitive ancient account of Hannibal's invasion of Italy in 218 BC, and the war he fought with the Romans over the following sixteen years. This new translation captures the brilliance of Livy's style, and is accompanied by a fascinating introduction and notes.

Civil War

Paperback, 08/05/2008, £9.99

Nature of Things

Hardback, 05/02/2015, £12.00
Combines a scientific and philosophical treatise with some of the greatest poetry.

Under Another Sky: Journeys in Roman Britain

Paperback, 06/03/2014, £9.99
What does Roman Britain mean to us now? How were its physical remains rediscovered and made sense of? How has it been reimagined, in story and song and verse? This book traces these tales by setting out to discover the remains of Roman Britain for herself, sometimes on foot, sometimes in a splendid, though not particularly reliable, VW camper van.

Hadrian's Wall 4ed

Paperback, 25/05/2000, £14.99
Presents history of the monument to the Roman Empire in Britain. Taking into account research findings about the building of the Wall, this title includes details about the Roman army, its religion and daily bureaucratic life. It features photos, maps and diagrams.

History of the decline & fall of the Roman empire

7, 19/06/2000, £12.99
Spanning thirteen centuries from the age of Trajan to the taking of Constantinople by the Turks, this title provides a selection and bridging commentary that enables the reader to acquire a general sense of the progress and argument of the author's work.

Roman Lives

7, 11/09/2008, £9.99



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