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Doing a Literature Review in Nursing, Health and Social Care 2ed

Paperback, 16/11/2016, £20.99
This is a practical, `how to' book on doing a literature review. It follows a very clear structure of the process of doing the review and includes all the information needed to finish the review successfully.

Analyzing a Case Study

Paperback, 08/07/2016, £6.99
This quick reference guide will show you how to succeed in case study assignments. It takes the reader through the process step by step, from reading and understanding the assignment brief through to critically evaluating the case, applying theory and presenting the assignment.

Writing Research Proposals in the Health Sciences: A Step-by-step Guide

Paperback, 27/02/2018, £25.99
This is the ideal step-by-step guide on how to write successful research proposals in the health sciences, whether it is for a thesis or dissertation review committee, an ethical review committee or a grant funding committee.

Documentary Research in the Social Sciences

Paperback, 01/05/2019, £28.99
This book gives you the tools to conduct your own documentary research and celebrates the importance of documentary analysis across the social sciences.


06/12/2017, £45.59
Guiding students through every step of the research process from start to finish in a logical way, the book takes a pragmatic, real-world approach to research methods that gives students the tools and confidence to carry out their own research and see its value outside of university.

Succeeding in Literature Reviews and Research Project Plans for Nursing Students 4ed

Paperback, 29/11/2019, £21.99
Now in it's fourth edition and thoroughly updated to ensure all content is mapped to the new 2018 NMC standards, this book is a practical and readable guide to undertaking a research project plan or a literature review for final year assessment.

MCQs for ENT: Preparation for the FRCS (ORL-HNS) 2ed

Paperback, 12/09/2019, £39.99
A self-assessment resource for candidates preparing to sit the challenging FRCS (ORL-HNS) with over 300 single best answer questions and more than 70 extended matching questions.

Critical Thinking: Your Guide to Effective Argument, Successful Analysis and Independent Study

Paperback, 25/10/2017, £16.99
Your personal toolkit for critical thinking provides a power pack of resources to sharpen your skills. It teaches you what critical engagement is, and what thinking and writing skills you need to master to succeed in your essays and coursework - and in life!

Statistics for the Health Sciences: A Non-Mathematical Introduction

Paperback, 19/03/2012, £47.99
Dancey and Reidy are very well known for their Pearson textbook Statistics Without Maths for Psychology and have applied the same principles here to the health sciences market, where they're far more established as researchers.

Research Methods in Health: Investigating Health and Health Services 4ed

Paperback, 01/06/2014, £34.99
This bestselling book provides an accessible introduction to the concepts and practicalities of research methods in health and health services.

Study Skills For Health And Social

Paperback, 24/09/2009, £21.99
Provides students with all the skills required for academic study at undergraduate degree level, and then shows them how to develop, transfer and apply these skills to multiple contexts within clinical practice.

Your Undergraduate Dissertation in Health and Social Care

Paperback, 23/07/2009, £21.99
Nicholas Walliman's writing style is well loved and widely read. In this book the authors practically guide health and social care students through the process of doing a dissertation and how to achieve success with such a project.

How to Do a Systematic Literature Review in Nursing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Paperback, 01/04/2016, £26.99
A step-by-step guide to doing a literature review in nursing, or related healthcare professions.

Qualitative Research in Nursing: Advancing the Humanistic Imperative 5ed

7, 01/10/2010, £59.00
Provides a foundation for understanding a wide range of qualitative research methodologies, including triangulation. This book approaches nursing education, administration, and practice and gives step-by-step details to instruct students on how to implement each approach.

Research made easy in complimentary & alternative medicine

Paperback, 19/12/2003, £23.99
Intended for students and practitioners to gain understanding in research. This book is provides an introduction to research that helps to initiate small practice based research projects. It outlines how to start, how to formulate research questions, methodologies, strategies for seeing the project through, and writing up the results.

Inclusive Research with People with Learning Disabilities

Paperback, 21/03/2003, £25.00
The authors discuss participative approaches to research and provide an up-to-date account of inclusive practice with individuals with learning disabilities. Drawing on evidence from two major studies, they explain how lessons learnt from inclusive research in the learning disability field are applicable to others working with marginalized groups.

Study Skills for Nursing and Healthcare Students

Paperback, 25/06/2009, £17.99
An accessible, student-friendly handbook that covers all of the essential study skills that ensure students get the most out of their nursing or healthcare course. The book has been developed to provide guidance on the most important academic and study skills that students require throughout their time at university and beyond.

Understanding Nursing and Healthcare Research

Paperback, 04/12/2014, £24.99
Focuses on enabling students to understand what research is, why it is relevant in healthcare and how it should be applied in practice. This book takes the reader step by step through the research process, from choosing research questions through to searching the literature, analysing findings and presenting the final piece of work.

Action research in healthcare

Paperback, 17/11/2010, £30.99
Clearly set out and easy to understand, this book provides a complete guide to doing action research.

Writing Skills for Nursing and Midwifery Students

Paperback, 16/11/2012, £24.99
- Written by an experienced teacher of writing. - Tailored specifically to all the writing needs of nursing, midwifery and healthcare students at pre- and post-qualifying level. - Step-by-step guidance and strategies, backed up by real-life examples which illustrate key writing features and common pitfalls.

Research for Evidence-Based Practice in Healthcare

Paperback, 22/10/2010, £23.50
This is an essential, accessible introduction to the practicalities of research and evidence-based practice aimed at all pre-registration nursing and healthcare students.

Key Concepts in Nursing and Healthcare Research

Paperback, 14/11/2013, £28.99
This book provides students with accessible and authoritative knowledge of the essential topics of nursing and healthcare research.

Turning Ideas into Research: Theory Design and Practice

Paperback, 17/04/2015, £28.99
Using their expertise as supervisors and researchers, the authors provide readers with the frameworks and the theoretical and practical guidance needed to turn a good idea into a good question and a good question into successful research.

BTEC Level 3 National Health and Social Care: Student Book 1

Paperback, 19/08/2010, £30.49
This Student Book supports the Edexcel BTEC Level 3 National Health and Social Care qualification for the 2010 QCF specification.

BTEC Level 3 National Health and Social Care: Student Book 2

Paperback, 18/08/2010, £31.49
BTEC and Heinemann have joined forces to bring you BTEC's own BTEC Level 3 National Health and Social Care resources -- by the BTEC team, for BTEC learners -- to support you every step of the way to BTEC success.

Making the Most of Fieldwork education - A practical approach

Paperback, 14/06/1999, £47.99
This text gives practical guidance to students, taking them through the process of planning, preparing for, experiencing and evaluating fieldwork education.

Nursing Research: An Introduction 3ed

Paperback, 20/10/2016, £28.99
Easy to use, understand and put into practice, this book will answer all your students' questions on the nursing research process.

Seven Steps to a Comprehensive Literature Review: A Multimodal and Cultural Approach

Paperback, 04/02/2016, £29.99
With a key focus on mixed methods, coverage of the 'why' as well as the 'how', and clear explanation of the CORE system, this book will be instrumental in helping readers to produce organized, ethical, insightful and, of course, comprehensive literature reviews
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