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Reid, Hazel

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Providing Support & Supervision: An Introduction for Professionals Working with Young People

Paperback, 15/12/2005, £36.99
Written by a collection of academic and practice-based experts, this vital new guide helps readers to understand the underlying concepts behind support to, and supervision of, those involved in integrated youth support systems.

Providing Support to Young People: A Guide to Interviewing in Helping Relationships

Paperback, 05/04/2007, £32.99
Acting as a guide to making the most of helping relationships, this book concentrates on the practicalities and explores how to structure the help practitioners give to young people. It is useful reading to those working in information, advice, guidance and youth support settings, whether giving first-in-line or intensive support to young people.

Effective Counselling With Young People

Paperback, 20/05/2011, £28.99
An essential guide to using counselling skills and approaches with young people.

Introduction to Career Counselling & Coaching

Paperback, 12/10/2015, £32.99
A practical introduction for those training in the field of career development, career counselling and career coaching. Brought to life through engaging case studies and reflective questions, this book introduces the key skills and techniques and shows how various models used in career conversations look in practice.
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