Reading Lists

Reading Lists

Use the search fields above to track down your recommended titles at CCCU. If you need advice or information please get in touch with the bookshop and booksellers will be able to help you.


Advice from our tutors at CCCU is not to buy books from your reading list until you arrive at Uni. Lecturers will then go through any key academic titles they expect you to purchase for your studies. Once we've received the information, the books will be on the shelves waiting for you! They will be competitively priced. Don’t forget we can obtain many books for collection the very next day. The price will include your 10% discount, and special offers such as book bundles will be applied instore. Details are correct at the time of last upload (09/10/18).




Information for academic staff

If your recommended titles for purchase do not appear on our database, please email the bookshop, and we'll do the rest.  The bookshop will ensure this database is kept up-to-date with new editions, latest prices and current availability. Should titles be dropped it is important to let us know. Ideally we would like information as soon as possible before your course starts. This is particularly true of European language textbooks, titles sourced from North America, and music scores.



Normally we obtain titles in a matter of a few days - but at key times, such as September, there may be a heavy national demand and publishers can go out of stock. Tutors on our database are contacted each year so that we can update online information and prepare orders for the beginning of the new academic year. We will endeavour to work with suppliers to offer best value to students with special discounts and book-packs. We place a notice on StaffNET in May to remind all academic staff. With your help, we have the right books at the right time at the right price to support our students.