Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing

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Forensic Mental Health

Paperback, 01/11/2008, £28.99
Offers an introduction to the field of forensic mental health. This book aims to set out both the key concepts in forensic mental health as well as the way the discipline operates in the broader context of criminal justice and mental health care systems. It is suitable for mental health practitioners.

Values & ethics in mental health practice

Paperback, 20/09/2010, £22.99
A guide to values and ethics for mental health students

Overcoming Insomnia and Sleep Problems

Paperback, 26/01/2006, £10.99
The proven CBT path to a good night's sleep

Matter of Security, A

Paperback, 10/09/2003, £19.95
It explores the psychodynamic theory of attachment and how it can be used to offer new ways of thinking when working with mental disorders in offenders. Discusses the development of personality in terms of interpersonal functioning and relationships with others, which is essential to understand both interpersonal violence and abnormal development.

Overcoming Traumatic Stress: A Self-help Guide Using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques

Paperback, 27/05/1999, £10.99
Find effective ways of coping with and overcoming traumatic stress.

Nutrition and Mental Health: a Handbook

Hardback, 31/07/2008, £19.95
The role of nutrition is fundamental to human health and well-being. It is, however, often overlooked when treating people with mental health problems. This handbook explains the science behind nutrition and its effects on mental health.


Paperback, 16/01/2003, £8.99
*Generation X poster girl for depression (Prozac Nation) and celebrator of 'difficult women' (Bitch), Elizabeth Wurtzel is back with the searingly honest tale of her descent into Ritalin addiction and her eventual recovery

How to Stop Worrying

Paperback, 01/04/2009, £8.99
A guide to making worry work for you, helping you to avoid stress and anxiety. The author sets out to teach how to understand fear and face the possibilities of life calmly.

Sage Handbook of Mental Health and Illness

Hardback, 10/12/2010, £110.00
This handbook addresses a wide range of contentious issues in mental health and mental disorder.

Cognitive behavioural therapy in mental health care

Paperback, 17/02/2010, £22.99
This highly popular book presents cognitive behaviour therapy in a fresh, accessible way for mental health practitioners and trainees

Cracked: Why Psychiatry is Doing More Harm Than Good

Paperback, 06/03/2014, £8.99
Controversial and powerful - a shocking indictment of the pseudo-science at the heart of modern psychiatry

Social Perspectives in Mental Health

Paperback, 01/02/2005, £22.99
The book offers new practice frameworks that help to make sense of people's mental distress and recovery in relation to their social experience. It explores the impact of social factors, such as power, abuse, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, on the causes and experiences of mental health problems.



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