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Darkness Visible

Paperback, 05/04/2001, £8.99
With profound insight and remarkable candor, the author tracks the progress of his madness, from the smothering misery and exhaustion, to the agony of composing his own suicide note and his eventual, hard-won recovery.

Asylums: Essays on the Social Situation of Mental Patients and Other Inmates

Paperback, 29/08/1991, £12.99
Presents an analysis of life in 'total institutions' - closed worlds like prisons, army camps, boarding schools, nursing homes and mental hospitals. This book focuses on the relationship between the inmate and the institution, how the setting affects the person and how the person can deal with life on the inside.

Sober Stick Figure

Paperback, 02/06/2016, £9.99


7, 27/09/2005, £4.99

From the Ashes of Experience

7, 01/07/1999, £46.25
Offering a more sensitive appreciation of the total reality of the "madness experience", this work presents a number of personal experiences and provides an alternative to the received wisdom that "mental illness" is an affliction which all "patients" could avoid if they could.

Caring for Madness

Paperback, 12/02/2001, £55.75
Addresses the use of personal experience in the training of mental health student nurses. This book follows the existential phenomenological tradition in addressing the issue of 'madness' and caring, and adopts a historical perspective to show the antecedents of modern practices in caring.

CBT for Older People

Paperback, 15/12/2014, £26.99
Provides effective and practical strategies from gerontology to augment CBT techniques.

Therapeutic Community Approach to Care in the Community

Paperback, 01/04/2000, £25.00
This book focuses on the practical implications and use of dialogue, language and education in community care. A stimulating contribution to the debate on the future of community care, this book advocates the active engagement of clients in their own lives and promotes the development of a shared sense of responsibility between client and carer.

Confidentiality and Mental Health

Paperback, 07/11/2000, £24.99
People experiencing mental health problems may need to be able to present and explore deeply disturbing thoughts and actions in a safe environment. This book will enable professionals to meet both the needs of clients and the demands of society through a responsible and thoughtful understanding of the significance of confidentiality and disclosure.

Survival strategies for parenting children

Paperback, 24/07/2000, £16.99
Lynn offers clear, practical advice on recognizing the symptoms, understanding medication and accessing the necessary support at school as well as the managing the day-to-day challenges of parenting a child with Bipolar Disorder. His book will provide guidance and support for parents and carers as well as being a useful resource for professionals.

Students' Mental Health Needs

Paperback, 15/01/2002, £21.99
Student life is a time of change and adjustment, and their families as well as staff need resources to help them provide support for students experiencing mental health difficulties. This book explores how the needs of students can best be met by student and community mental health services.

Fundamental Aspects Of Mental Healt

Paperback, 12/12/2006, £19.99
Helps develops the reader's understanding of a range of evidence-based therapeutic techniques used in mental health nursing in order to enhance the reader's ability to translate theory into his or her practice. This title also discusses the issues surrounding mental health nursing, including multidisciplinary group working and quality control.

Why Didn't Anyone tell me That? Beyond the Psychiatric Textbook: What

Paperback, 30/10/2004, £24.99
A Handbook For All Psychiatric Trainees Which Highlights All Those Issues Which Arise While Training This Book Offers A Series Of Guiding Comments For Doctors Who Are Thinking Of, Or Who Have Embarked On, A Training In Psychiatry In The UK.

Sociology of Mental Health and Illness 5ed

Paperback, 01/05/2014, £33.99
This book provides a sociological analysis of major areas of mental health and illness.

Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat

Paperback, 02/09/2011, £9.99
The bestselling author of Awakenings and Musicophilia

End of Memory: A Natural History of Aging and Alzheimer's

Hardback, 05/05/2016, £13.99
For centuries, those afflicted by Alzheimer's disease have been robbed of their memories and ability to think clearly. This book charts the history of the disease, explaining the science behind it, recounting the efforts to understand and combat it, and introduces us to the researchers who are working to find a cure.

Psychiatric Drugs: Key Issues and Service User Perspectives

Paperback, 14/08/2009, £26.99
This lively book explores current dilemmas and debates on the use, effectiveness and adverse effects of psychiatric drugs, from the perspectives of people who have taken them. It includes groundbreaking research into experiences of trying to come off drugs with emphasis on interactions between service users and mental health practitioners.

Myth of the Chemical Cure

Paperback, 04/12/2007, £39.99
This controversial book overturns the claim that psychiatric drugs work by correcting chemical imbalance, and analyzes the professional, commercial and political vested interests that have shaped this view. It provides a comprehensive critique of research on drugs including antidepressants, antipsychotics and mood stabilizers.

Narcomania: How Britain Got Hooked on Drugs

Paperback, 03/10/2013, £9.99
An investigation of illegal drugs in the UK. Filled with case studies gathered over twenty years of investigative reporting, it explodes the myths and misconceptions about drug use, and makes a compelling case for a way forward.

Inconvenient People: Lunacy, Liberty and the Mad-Doctors in Victorian England

Paperback, 03/10/2013, £12.99
Uncovers twelve shocking stories, untold for over a century and reveals the darker side of the Victorian upper and middle classes - their sexuality, fears of inherited madness, financial greed and fraudulence - and chillingly evoke the black motives at the heart of the phenomenon of the 'inconvenient person'.

Locked Ward: Memoirs of a Psychiatric orderly

Paperback, 03/01/2013, £10.99
Recounting the stories of the patients he worked with, and those of his colleagues on the ward, the author examines: the different major mental disorders - their symptoms and manifestations; the various methods of treatment - medication, therapy and conversation; and how religion, sex, wealth, health and drugs can bear influence on mental health.

Oxford Handbook of Mental Health Nursing 2ed

Paperback, 15/10/2015, £24.49
The Oxford Handbook of Mental Health Nursing provides practical, easily accessible, concise and up-to-date, evidence-based guidelines about the essential elements of mental health nursing practice in one portable format.

Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing

Paperback, 05/02/2009, £27.49
This is a case-based, service user centred textbook for mental health nursing students to use throughout their pre-registration studies. The essential theory required for nursing care is explored alongside real service users' views and fictional cases providing excellent transferable skills for practice.

Physical Care of People with Mental Health Problems

Paperback, 15/01/2013, £29.99
This accessible, practical text provides mental health practitioners with the core knowledge and skills they need to be able to care effectively for the physical health of those who have been diagnosed with mental illness.

Low Intensity Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy : A Practitioner's Guide

Paperback, 15/03/2013, £27.99
A practical and comprehensive introduction to the principles, skills and application of Low Intensity Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Public Policy and Mental Health : Avenues for Prevention

Paperback, 11/02/2013, £16.99
Provides an overview of the types of policies governments establish to prevent mental disorders and the various ways in which these policies are created. This title describes the process of analyzing public programs, laws, policies, and managerial innovations in mental disorder prevention.

Kaplan & Sadock's Pocket Handbook of Psychiatric Drug Treatment 5ed

Paperback, 01/08/2011, £47.00
Covers the entire spectrum of clinical drug therapy for adults, elderly adults, pregnant and nursing women, and children. This title includes drugs that are listed alphabetically, for quick navigation, and each drug entry includes name, molecular structure, dosing, pharmacological actions, indications and clinical applications, and more.


Hardback, 24/09/2015, £8.99
Features a true story of authors life with intrusive sexual thoughts - a rampant but little-known symptom of the disorder. This book tracks her farcical ten-year path to redemption, from the time she was first seized by graphic mental images to her eventual recovery through therapy, acceptance and love.

Keeping the Baby in Mind: Infant Mental Health in Practice

Paperback, 24/02/2009, £29.99
Examines a range of psychological and psychotherapeutic interventions that are being used to support parents and their infants. This book brings together interventions and ways of working that can be used both universally to support parents during the transition to parenthood.

Henry's Demons: Living with Schizophrenia, a Father and Son's Story

Paperback, 08/12/2011, £9.99
An achingly honest, harrowing, and resonant dual memoir by a British journalist and his son, about his son's sudden descent into schizophrenia

Prescribing And Mental Health Nursi

Paperback, 01/06/2008, £24.99
Over 90 percent of people with mental health problems take medication. Nurses now have the authority to prescribe this medication should they so wish. However, all nurses have a duty of care to administer medication safely. This book discusses prescribing decisions in schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Alphabet Of The Human Heart: The A to Zen of Life

Paperback, 06/01/2011, £12.99
An inspiring and life-affirming gift book for people of all ages, from the author of I Had a Black Dog.

Mental Health Nursing

Paperback, 31/03/2011, £32.99
This book introduces students to the core skills and essential knowledge needed to deliver high-quality mental health care.

This Way Madness Lies: The Asylum and Beyond

Hardback, 15/09/2016, £24.95
Explores the meaning of mental illness through the successive incarnations of the institution that defined it: the madhouse, designed to segregate its inmates from society; the lunatic asylum, which intended to restore the reason of sufferers by humane treatment; and the mental hospital, which reduced their conditions to diseases of the brain.

Living with Schizophrenia: A Family Guide to Making a Difference

Paperback, 25/11/2016, £13.50
Rado and Janicak* define schizophrenia and explain what is known about its causes* discuss the difference between negative symptoms (such as lack of emotion and social withdrawal) and positive symptoms (such as hallucinations, delusions, and thought disorders)* describe medication and psychosocial and behavioral treatments-and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment for better long-term outcomes* explain what people with schizophrenia and their families can do to help keep the person well* explore how schizophrenia affects the entire family* detail medical conditions that people with schizophrenia are more likely than other people to have-including heart disease, obesity, and diabetes * offer key takeaway points for every topicDesigned for the lay reader and based on the most recent medical literature, Living with Schizophrenia offers information and understanding to help people coping with this often misunderstood disorder to best achieve recovery and healing.

Ice Age: A Journey into Crystal-Meth Addiction

Paperback, 12/01/2017, £12.99

Tristimania: A Diary of Manic Depression

Paperback, 02/02/2017, £9.99

Mental Disorders in Primary Care: A Guide to Their Evaluation and Management

Paperback, 09/02/2017, £36.49
Mental Disorders in Primary Care: A Guide to their Evaluation and Management is an invaluable guide to psychiatric presentation, diagnosis and treatment in a primary care setting.

Finding Sanity: John Cade, Lithium and the Taming of Bipolar Disorder

Paperback, 24/08/2016, £14.99
The first biography of the Australian doctor who discovered the first pharmacological treatment for mental illness.

Brain: What Everyone Needs to Know

Paperback, 11/05/2017, £10.99
This entertaining tour of the brain answers such fundamental questions as, What is the purpose of the brain? What is an emotion? What is a memory? How does food affect how you feel? Dr. Wenk has skillfully blended the highest scholarly standards with illuminating insights, gentle humor, and welcome simplicity.

Speaking of Sadness: Depression, Disconnection and the Meanings of Illness

Paperback, 03/07/1997, £19.99
In Speaking of Sadness Karp captures the human face of this widespread affliction, as he illuminates his experience and that of others in a candid, searching work.

Practical Guide to the Mental Capacity Act 2005: Putting the Principles of the Act into Practice

Paperback, 21/05/2015, £19.99
A practical guide for health and social care professionals on the Mental Capacity Act 2005, enabling more informed and effective practice.

School Mental Health: Global Challenges and Opportunities

Hardback, 30/04/2015, £127.00
Offering a global perspective to help students achieve and maintain mental health, enhance their learning outcomes and access services, worldwide.

Wellbeing, Recovery and Mental Health

Paperback, 28/02/2017, £41.99
This book brings together current research on recovery and wellbeing, to inform mental health systems and wider community development.

New Approaches to Preventing Suicide: A Manual for Practitioners

Paperback, 25/08/2004, £22.99
This book explores the links between self-harm and suicide and presents international approaches to training in suicide prevention for professionals. It debates the legality and morality of assisted self-harm and analyse the rate and causes of suicide among specific groups, people in custody and people with mental illnesses.

CBT for Personality Disorders

Paperback, 09/02/2011, £29.99
This uniquely practical introductory guide shows trainees how to use cognitive behavioural therapy to treat the full range of personality disorders, in a range of multi-disciplinary settings.

Bipolar Disorder

Paperback, 01/07/2008, £12.99
Updated edition of one of the most respected introductions to Bipolar Disorder

Crazy Like Us:The globalization of the western mind

Paperback, 24/03/2011, £9.99
A seering critique of how the US is exporting its mental illnesses.

Psychosis: Stories Of Recovery And

Paperback, 28/02/2011, £19.99
Captures a range of individual stories about patients living with psychosis. This book provides an overview of psychosis and schizophrenia and demonstrates the range of experiences and recovery approaches.
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