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Outreach in Community Mental Health Care: A Manual for Practitioners

Paperback, 15/06/2017, £39.99
Outreach in Community Mental Health Care: A Manual for Practitioners offers readers a comprehensive and practical guide to treating patients in the community setting.

Key Concepts in Mental Health 4ed

Paperback, 21/03/2017, £24.99
This bestselling text provides a complete and concise overview of mental health and all the issues that surround it from a theoretical and practical perspective.

Patient H.M.: A Story of Memory, Madness and Family Secrets

Paperback, 03/08/2017, £9.99
In the summer of 1953, maverick neurosurgeon William Beecher Scoville performed a operation on a twenty-seven-year-old epileptic patient named Henry Molaison. The operation failed to eliminate Molaison's intractable seizures, but it did have an unintended effect: Henry was left profoundly amnesic, unable to create long term memories.

Skills Training Manual for Treating Borderline Personality Disorder

7, 28/06/1993, £24.50
This session-by-session treatment manual demonstrates how clinicians can teach patients four essential psychosocial skills: mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation, and distress tolerance.

Soothing the Troubled Mind

7, 30/06/2000, £9.99
Provides an introduction to schizophrenia and a review of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments being used in treating both schizophrenia and other mental diseases. Rather than focusing on how to carry out acupuncture and TCM, this book examines the best way to apply treatments.

Becoming a Mental Health Nurse

7, 30/08/2001, £12.95

Mental Health Policy and Practice

Paperback, 23/04/2015, £25.99
The third edition of Mental Health Policy and Practice remains a clear and comprehensive overview of UK mental health policy. It includes ideas from a wide spectrum of mental health services, examples of successful evidence-based practice and analyses the impact, and likely impact, of the latest shifts in policy and changes to legislation.

Diagnosis And Treatment Planning Skills for Mental Health Professional

Paperback, 19/01/2012, £42.99
Using characters from popular culture, this is a fun and engaging way for students to practice skill development before they actually start working on real client scenarios.

Where Memories Go:Why dementia changes everything

Hardback, 30/01/2014, £16.99
Scottish broadcaster and author Sally Magnusson cared with her two sisters for their mother Mamie during many years of living with dementia. Sad and funny, wise and honest, this deeply intimate account of insidious losses and unexpected joys is also a call to arms that challenges us all to think differently.

Approved Mental Health Professional's Guide to Mental Health Law 3ed

7, 19/03/2013, £24.99
Aimed at busy social work practitioners who are looking to enhance their skills and extend their knowledge, this book brings together the elements of the legislation, Code of Practice, Memorandum, Government Circulars and relevant case law and policy.

Psychosocial Assessment in Mental Health

Paperback, 23/03/2017, £24.99
A step-by-step guide on how to undertake each stage of the psychosocial assessment process in practice.

Neuroscience for the Mental Health Clinician

Paperback, 01/01/2005, £18.99
As scientific knowledge grows about the role of the brain in mental disorder, no clinician can afford to be uninformed about neurobiology. This primer provides the basic grounding in neuroscience that all contemporary mental health professionals need. It guides through the fundamentals of neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, and psychiatric genetics.

Straight Talk about Psychiatric Medications for Kids

7, 16/09/2008, £12.50
Details advances in treating specific disorders and offers answers to parents' frequently asked questions. This book covers how medications work; their impact on kids' emotions, personality, school performance, and health; and, the risks and benefits of widely used antidepressants.

Postcards From the Edge

Paperback, 10/11/2011, £8.99
The cult-classic novel that made Carrie Fisher a bestselling author before The Princess Diarist - brilliant, bold, hilarious.

Introduction to Appplied Cognitive Psychology

Paperback, 02/12/2004, £16.95
Offers a student friendly review of recent research in the application of cognitive methods, theories and models to real-world scenarios, by looking at how people use basic cognitive skills in everyday environments.

Pool activity level (PAL) instrument for occupational profiling

Paperback, 31/10/2007, £25.00
This third edition includes valuable new material together with the Instrument itself and the photocopiable activity checklists and plans that help to match users' abilities with activities. The author includes guidance for carrying out these activities with individuals of different ability levels as revealed by the PAL Instrument Checklist.

Head Hunters: The Search for a Science of the Mind

Hardback, 12/06/2014, £25.00
How did the human brain evolve? Why did it evolve as it did? What is man's place in evolution? This title traces the intellectual journey of four men who met at Cambridge in the 1890s and whose lives interlinked for the next three decades - William Rivers, Grafton Elliot Smith, Charles Myers and William McDougall.

Introduction To Cognitive Behaviour

7, 17/03/2011, £26.99
A huge, best-seller for SAGE, this book has fast become the most engaging, easy to follow and informative textbook on the theory and application of CBT.

Relocating Madness

7, 01/01/1995, £17.95
The policy of closing mental hospitals and relocating mental patients in the community has generated great controversy. This book reports on the complexities and ironies involved here, directly from the front line. It explores how a group of people with a history of schizophrenic illness feel about themselves and their circumstances.

Living with Bipolar Disorder: Strategies for Balance and Resilience

Paperback, 01/05/2012, £9.99
How to get your life back after a bipolar diagnosis

Practical Guide to the Care of the Psychiatric Patient 3ed

Paperback, 16/05/2007, £37.99
Presents guidance on psychiatric patient care. From delirium and depression to Alzheimer's disease and anxiety disorders, this title helps you to understand and effectively address the needs of psychiatric patients in the clinical setting.

Pocketbook Guide to Mental Health Act Assessments

Paperback, 01/10/2012, £19.99
Suitable for new and experienced social workers, junior doctors and those considering training as an AMHP, this title provides key advice for busy practitioners on day-to-day aspects of using and applying the Mental Health Act. It includes practical advice on how to set up an assessment, and how to make and implement informed decisions quickly.

Examination Notes in Psychiatry 2ed

7, 25/11/2005, £19.99
Candidates for the MRCPsych examinations have often found the Basic Sciences component one of the hardest to pass. This book provides information that enables trainees to tackle difficult subjects, such as psychological assessment, psychopharmacology and neuroimaging. It contains text broken down into memorable parts, highlighting key points.

Psychosocial nursing: care of physically ill patients and their famili

Paperback, 01/01/1996, £28.00
Addresses the nursing management of a patient's psychosocial response to both chronic and acute physical illness, traumatic injury, loss and grief. This book includes chapters that address: stress and its effects on the body; the two common outcomes of ineffective coping, anxiety and depression; and, the challenges of multicultural nursing.

Multidisciplinary Working In Forensic Mental Health Care

Paperback, 01/04/2005, £28.99
Multidisciplinary Working in Forensic Mental Health Care provides a practical guide to the establishment of effective multidisciplinary working methods in the care of mentally disordered offenders and others.

Partnership Working in Mental Health Care

Paperback, 08/12/2004, £19.99
Provides a discussion of the issues that are part of the government's modernisation agenda that puts service users at the heart of its reforms and encourages user involvement and real partnership in care. This book shows how the key players, nurses, contribute to meeting their needs and the barriers to effective partnerships and user involvement.

Research & development in mental health

7, 05/05/2005, £26.99
Addresses the area of the role of research in the modernisation of mental health services. This book explores theoretical, methodological and practical issues relating to developing evidence to underpin the evolving modernisation agenda. It covers critical reviews of models of practice and their relationships to research.

Implementing Mental Health Promotion

Paperback, 24/11/2006, £26.99
A practical guide to implementing mental health promotion programmes with different population groups across a range of settings. It shows how information from research can be used to inform programme development and best practice. It provides examples of successful international programmes illustrating the process of implementation.

Key Topics in Psychiatry

Paperback, 27/04/2007, £34.99

Mental Health: From Policy to Practice

Paperback, 18/09/2008, £30.99
Presents a critique of the achievements of the National Service Framework for Mental Health in England and Wales. This book analyses the effectiveness of developments in services and practice.

Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines In Psychiatry 11ed

Paperback, 02/03/2012, £51.95
Helps with complex prescribing needs

The evidence base for drug treatments in psychiatry ranges frommeta-analyses and randomised controlled clinical trials tosingle case reports, and from NICE guidelines to individualSPCs.

Essential Mental Health Nursing Skills

Paperback, 14/05/2007, £21.99
Draws on the policy and theory underpinning mental health nursing but focusses on the practical aspects, providing an easily understandable guide to what to do and how to do it. This title also provides a practical framework that can be applied in any setting.

Role of the Mental Health Nurse

7, 09/04/2001, £24.99
Using a skills based approach, this unique text gives a comprehensive overview of the role of the Mental Health nurse. Addressing themany demands on the Mental Health nurse, the authors recognise the increasing need to work as part of a multidisciplinary team.

Understanding Mental Health Practice

Paperback, 18/12/2017, £19.99
This books is packed full of `need-to-know' information that will help students understand what is meant by mental health and wellbeing, and become aware of the common mental health problems as well as the typical interventions and treatment options available.

Paper Cuts: A Memoir

Hardback, 22/02/2018, £14.99
`I have a small line of red dots on the back of my left hand, where the needle goes in. The fractured, intensely personal narrative of Paper Cuts follows a single day in his life as he navigates a course through the effects of mania, medication and memories.

Neuroscientist Who Lost Her Mind: A Memoir of Madness and Recovery

Hardback, 05/04/2018, £16.99
The expert on mental illness - who had spent a career trying to work out how the brain operates and what happens when it fails - experienced what it is like to go mad.

Brainstorm: Detective Stories From the World of Neurology

Hardback, 05/04/2018, £16.99
and above all, like all truly great books, it is about love and compassion' Satnam Sanghera, The Times `Remarkable... It should be on the reading list of every medical student' P.D.

Understanding Mental Health Care

Paperback, 01/05/2018, £24.99
"Roberts addresses the subjects that are troubling professionals across the globe, providing a sound theoretical base on which a professional viewpoint can be formed. Complex concepts are presented in a simple way, enabling readers at all stages to grasp difficult and often radical ideas quickly and easily." - Tony Barlow, Birmingham City University

That Was When People Started to Worry: Windows into Unwell Minds

Hardback, 03/05/2018, £14.99
From the author of acclaimed The Time In Between - what mental illness is really like, and how we can all better understand the mentally unwell.

Inflamed Mind: A radical new approach to depression

Hardback, 26/04/2018, £14.99
In this game-changing book, University of Cambridge Professor Edward Bullmore reveals the breakthrough new science on the link between depression and inflammation of the body and brain.

Heartland: finding and losing schizophrenia

Hardback, 04/04/2019, £14.99
In The Heartland, Nathan Filer, a former mental health nurse, invites us to spend time in the company of some extraordinary people whose lives have been affected by this most strange of human conditions, and to discover their complex, surprising, painful, funny and ultimately relatable stories.

How to Be Human: The Manual

Paperback, 27/12/2018, £8.99

Inflamed Mind: A radical new approach to depression

Paperback, 03/01/2019, £8.99
*The Sunday Times Bestseller* Worldwide, depression will be the single biggest cause of disability in the next 20 years. But treatment for it has not changed much in the last three decades. In the world of psychiatry, time has apparently stood still... until now.

Recovering: Intoxication and its Aftermath

Paperback, 03/01/2019, £10.99



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