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Primary Teaching: Learning and teaching in primary schools today 2ed

Paperback, 09/07/2022, £31.99
Full coverage of the content of professional studies modules and goes beyond to support trainees on placements and in their learning on the course.

A-Z of Primary Teaching: 200+ terms every new primary teacher needs to know

Paperback, 14/07/2022, £17.99
This student reference A-Z book supports trainee teachers to learn the 'language' of schools and teaching. It covers a wide range of terms used in schools and education in the UK.

The A-Z of Primary Teaching: 200+ terms every new primary teacher needs to know

Hardback, 14/07/2022, £60.00
This student reference A-Z book supports trainee teachers to learn the 'language' of schools and teaching. It covers a wide range of terms used in schools and education in the UK.

Broad and Balanced Curriculum in Primary Schools: Educating the whole child 2ed

Paperback, 24/02/2022, £22.99
How do we ensure that the curriculum truly is Broad and Balanced? This book provides both discussion of the current challenges and practical guidance and support on how to tackle them.

Time to Speak and a Time to Listen

Paperback, 01/02/2013, £10.00
An illustrated collection of poetry for children and young people from age nine upwards, structured around the verses beginning, 'There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven' - which have had universal appeal for more than two thousand years, and are presented in full as a Prologue to the anthology.

Making Every Primary Lesson Count: Six Principles to Support Great Teaching and Learning

Paperback, 20/06/2017, £12.99
In Making Every Primary Lesson Count: Six Principles to Support Great Teaching and Learning, full-time primary teachers Jo Payne and Mel Scott share evidence-informed practice and gimmick-free advice for ensuring that every lesson makes a difference for young learners.

Bilingualism in Development: Language, Literacy, and Cognition

Paperback, 16/04/2001, £32.99
Describes how intellectual development of bilingual children differs from that of monolingual children.

Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism

Paperback, 22/02/2017, £29.95
The sixth edition of this bestselling textbook has been substantially revised and updated to provide a comprehensive introduction to bilingualism and bilingual education in the 21st century. Written in a compact and clear style, the book covers all the crucial issues in bilingualism at individual, group and societal levels.

9 - 13 Forgotten Years

Paperback, 31/07/2000, £12.95

How Do Expert Primary Classteachers Really Work?: A Critical Guide for Teachers, Headteachers and Teacher Educators

Paperback, 30/11/2012, £20.00
An essential text for anyone interested in teaching primary school children, including teacher educators, classteachers and headteachers, critically examining what constitutes outstanding or good teaching of children in the primary years .

Guided reading

Paperback, 29/04/1998, £21.95
Based on the author's nine years of research and development, this text explains how to create a balanced literacy programme based on guided reading and supported by read aloud, shared reading, interactive writing, and other approaches. Teaching guidelines are included.

Assessment and Learning in the Primary School

Paperback, 19/04/2001, £32.99
Wragg looks at topics including the principles and purposes of assessment, evaluation, the 'whole school' approach, and staff development and appraisal. He provides practical activities, discussion topics, and case examples.

Understanding British Values in Primary Schools: Policy and practice

Paperback, 09/06/2018, £26.99
This text provides trainees, teachers and schools with practice-based advice, informed by current practitioners, relating to the delivery of British Values. It covers many topical themes and supports educational professionals to understand their duties around the PREVENT agenda and goes further to explore why this is important.

Primary Teacher's Handbook 2ed

Paperback, 20/09/2007, £17.99
A practical resource book for primary teachers. It covers various issues that matter to teachers on a day-to-day basis. It includes over eighty key words, ranging from assessment to behaviour, and planning to SEN.

Kent Test 11+ GL Practice Papers - New for 2018

Paperback, 08/03/2018, £9.95
Kent Test 11+ GL Practice Papers - New for 2018

Learning to Teach in the Primary School 4ed

Paperback, 21/03/2018, £32.99

Powering Up Children: The Learning Power Approach to primary teaching

Paperback, 20/12/2018, £18.99
In Powering Up Children: The Learning Power Approach to primary teaching, Guy Claxton and Becky Carlzon harness the design principles of the Learning Power Approach (LPA) to provide a rich resource of effective teaching strategies for use in the primary school classroom.

Monkey-Proof Box: Curriculum design for building knowledge, developing creative thinking and promoting independence

Paperback, 15/03/2019, £18.99
Written by Jonathan Lear, The Monkey-Proof Box: Curriculum design for building knowledge, developing creative thinking and promoting independence is a manifesto on how to dismantle the curriculum we're told to deliver and construct in its place the curriculum we need to deliver.

Reflective Primary Teaching: Meeting the Teachers' Standards throughout your professional career

Paperback, 07/06/2019, £20.00
Fully revised and updated, this text helps trainees and teachers develop their effectiveness by reflecting on, analysing and improving their practice in the light of a deeper understanding of the professional Teachers' Standards.

Understanding Reading: A Psycholinguistic Analysis of Reading and Learning to Read, Sixth Edition

Paperback, 21/10/2011, £52.99
This classic text revolutionized reading research and theory when the first edition appeared in 1971 and remains a leader in the field. It illuminates fundamental aspects of the complex human act of reading and on what is involved in learning to read.

Children's Mental Health and Emotional Well-being in Primary Schools

Paperback, 29/10/2019, £25.99
This is essential reading for aspiring and practicing primary school teachers to develop strategies to enhance the importance of mental health and emotional well-being.

Learning to be a Primary Teacher: Core Knowledge and Understanding

Paperback, 15/07/2016, £29.99
This essential guide gives all primary trainees and beginning teachers the key knowledge, understanding and skills new teachers need to succeed.

Your Primary School-Based experience: a guide to outstandingplacements 2ed

Paperback, 30/09/2015, £19.99
An essential companion for all primary trainee teachers, whatever their training route,focusing on the school-based experience. It provides both practical strategies and opportunities for reflection, so trainees are challenged to critically evaluate their learning in order to improve attainment.

Understanding Teaching and Learning in Primary Education 2ed

Paperback, 04/09/2018, £26.99
Guidance and insights into the knowledge, values and commitments necessary to succeed in the primary classroom, supported by links to theory and research literature and realistic scenarios you may encounter as a new teacher.

Debates in Primary Education

Paperback, 20/10/2020, £32.99
This text encourages both pre-service and established teachers to engage with contemporary debates in primary education. The chapters explore a wide range of key themes including the importance of values in primary education and the imperative for a curriculum which embraces the whole range of available subjects.

Teaching Speaking and Listening in the Primary School 3ed

Paperback, 27/01/2005, £32.99
Presenting a practical and balanced introduction to the "teaching" of speaking and listening, this best-selling text will help teachers keep up-to-date with recent government initiatives and how to put these changes into a classroom context through: A concise overview of the DfES/ QCA "Speaking, Listening and Learning" guidelines; A focus.

Mentoring Teachers in the Primary School: A Practical Guide

Paperback, 29/12/2020, £24.99
This practical guide helps mentors of trainee and newly qualified primary school teachers in both developing their own mentoring skills and providing the essential guidance their beginning teachers need as they navigate the roller-coaster of the first years in the classroom.

Inspiring Primary Learners: Insights and Inspiration Across the Curriculum

Paperback, 25/02/2021, £28.99
Inspiring Primary Learners offers trainee and qualified teachers high-quality case studies of outstanding practice in contemporary classrooms across the country. Expert authors unravel the theory and evidence that underpins lessons, helping you make connections with your own practice and understand what 'excellent' looks like.

Planning the Primary National Curriculum: A complete guide for trainees and teachers 2ed

Paperback, 06/05/2021, £24.99
The complete guide for trainee teachers on planning the Primary National Curriculum.

Independent Thinking on Primary Teaching: Practical strategies for working smarter, not harder

Paperback, 30/11/2021, £10.99
Paints a vivid picture of life in a primary school classroom and shares top tips on how to enrich young pupils' learning at no extra cost to teachers' time or the school budget.

Kickstart Music 3 Years 9-11 (New Edition)

Paperback, 17/04/2021, £11.89

Kickstart Music 2 7-9 Years (New Edition)

Paperback, 17/04/2021, £11.85

Language Learning and Intercultural Understanding in the Primary School: A Practical and Integrated Approach

Paperback, 30/11/2021, £19.99
This book shows how to deliver a progressive and holistic embedded language curriculum. It provides guidance on inclusive approaches for students with English as an additional language, including native speakers in the target language as well as language awareness activities that maximise links with learning in English.

Teaching a Diverse Primary Curriculum

Paperback, 20/07/2022, £22.99
This book explains why and how diversity can be taught through the primary National Curriculum.

Literacy, Leading and Learning: Beyond Pedagogies of Poverty

Paperback, 16/06/2017, £34.99
Drawing on long-term case studies of four primary schools located in these communities, this book describes the difference between what is commonly practiced and those practices that have a greater chance of supporting young people's literacy learning. This book aims to provide an explanatory account of these complex schooling contexts and the policy logics under which they operate.

Enriching Feedback in the Primary Classroom

Paperback, 30/05/2003, £28.00
Enormous success of Shirley's 'Unlocking Formative Assessment' and 'Targeting Assessment in the Primary Classroom' broke all sales records for the teacher-education market.

Children, their World, their Education

Paperback, 14/10/2009, £48.99
Suitable for students, teachers, researchers, educational leaders and all who are interested in primary education, this book examines children's development and learning, their needs and aspirations, and their lives in a diverse society and fragile world. It explores what goes on in schools, from the early years to educational aims and values.

Teaching the primary Curriculum

Paperback, 01/01/2002, £26.99
Defines good teaching and learning in the primary school and offers an overview of the primary curriculum. This book emphasizes on effective teaching and learning methodologies, the importance of quality interaction in the classroom, the role of the teacher in teaching and learning and the experience of the child.
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