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Lies of the Land: A Brief History of Political Dishonesty

Hardback, 07/09/2017, £14.99
A senior Private Eye journalist charts the last 50 years of political lies -- and gets to the bottom of the "post-truth" era

Enough Said: What's gone wrong with the language of politics?

Paperback, 07/09/2017, £10.99
Political rhetoric has become stale and the mistrust of politicians has made voters flock to populists who promise authenticity, honesty and truth instead of spin, evasiveness and lies.

Out of the Wreckage: A New Politics for an Age of Crisis

Hardback, 05/09/2017, £14.99
What does the good life-and the good society-look like in the twenty-first century?

Comparative Politics 3ed

Paperback, 19/12/2013, £34.99
Comparative Politics provides an exciting and authoritative introduction to one of the most important fields of political science. International experts explore the methods and theories of comparative politics as well as the structures and institutions, actors, processes, and policies at the heart of political systems around the world.

Democracy and Its Crisis

Hardback, 01/09/2017, £14.99
An urgent exploration of the challenges facing democracy today

Reform or Revolution

Paperback, 01/07/1973, £12.00

Che Guevara Talks to Young People

Paperback, 01/02/2000, £13.00

Max Weber's Politics as a Vocation

Paperback, 04/07/2017, £5.99
'Politics as a Vocation' examines what makes good political leaders and explores the effects of political action on modern societies. On one level, it summarizes the political scholarship of one of the founding fathers of social science. On another, it reflects practical concerns about the future of Germany after its defeat in World War I.

Robert D. Putnam's Bowling Alone

Paperback, 04/07/2017, £5.99
In Bowling Alone, Robert Putnam argues that Americans have become disconnected from one another and from the institutions of their common life, and investigates the consequences of this change.

Karl Marx's Capital

Paperback, 04/07/2017, £5.99
Capitalism, thought Karl Marx, works by exploiting the working class. Their wages do not reflect the value of their labor. Marx concluded that capitalism would fail because of this contradiction at the heart of the capitalist system. He wrote Capital to give activists the theories and language they needed to criticise the system.

Mill's Utilitarianism

Paperback, 15/07/2017, £5.99
Originally published in 1861, Mill's great work systematically details and defends the doctrine of utilitarianism. Arguing first that a "morally good" action is one that increases the general sum of happiness in the world, Mill then says that general principles of justice should be based on this idea.

John Rawls' Theory of Justice

Paperback, 15/07/2017, £5.99
Rawls' 1971 text links the idea of social justice to a basic sense of fairness that recognizes human rights and freedoms. Controversially, though, it also accepts differences in the distribution of goods and services-as long as they benefit the worst-off in society.

Francis Fukuyama's The End of History and the Last Man

Paperback, 15/07/2017, £5.99
Published in 1992, The End of History and the Last Man argues that capitalist democracy is the final destination for all societies. Fukuyama believed democracy triumphed during the Cold War because it lacks the "fundamental contradictions" inherent in communism and satisfies our yearning for freedom and equality.

Samuel P. Hungtington's The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order

Paperback, 05/07/2017, £5.99
"In his highly influential 1996 book, Huntington offers a vision of a post-Cold War world in which conflict takes place not between competing ideologies but between cultures.

Robert A. Dahl's Who Governs?

Paperback, 04/07/2017, £5.99
A game-changer when it was first published in 1961, Who Governs? remains one of the most influential political science books ever written. Dahl argues that American liberal democracy is a pluralist system in which policy is not, as is so often thought, shaped by a small group of powerful individuals.

Hegemony and Socialist Strategy: Towards a radical democratic politics

Paperback, 20/12/2013, £9.99
With the emergence of new social and political identities, and the frequent attacks on Left theory for its essentialist underpinnings, this title remains as relevant as ever, positing a much-needed antidote against 'Third Way' attempts to overcome the antagonism between Left and Right.

Aristotle's Politics

Paperback, 05/07/2017, £5.99
Politics was one of the first books to investigate the concept of political philosophy and the starting point of political science studies as we know them. Written in the fourth century B.C.E., it explores how best to create political communities that support, serve, and improve citizens.

John C. Calhoun's A Disquisition on Government

Paperback, 05/07/2017, £5.99
Written amid the political fallout and 'war on terror' following the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York-Dabashi's adopted city-in 2001, Iran: A People Interrupted offers an insider's insight into the Iranian psyche.

David C. Kang's China Rising: Peace, Power and Order in East Asia

Paperback, 15/07/2017, £5.99
The rise of China on the international stage is one of the most significant developments in contemporary geopolitics. Mainstream Western international relations theories argue that the rise of a new global power invariably leads to worrisome instability.

Ernest Gellner's Nations and Nationalism

Paperback, 05/07/2017, £5.99
Ernest Gellner - a Jew who escaped from Czechoslovakia in 1939 after Hitler invaded - knew first-hand the catastrophic effects of excessive nationalism, and he was determined to understand the phenomenon that had shaped so much of 20th century history.

Thoreau's Civil Disobedience

Paperback, 15/07/2017, £5.99
Originally published in 1866, Civil Disobedience asks when - and in what circumstances - an individual should actively oppose government and its justice system. Thoreau's argument is that opposition is legitimate whenever government actions or institutions are unacceptable to an individual's conscience.

Kenneth N. Waltz's Theory of International Politics

Paperback, 15/07/2017, £5.99
Theory of International Politics created a "scientific revolution" in international relations, starting two major debates. It defined the 1980s controversy between the 'neorealists,' who believed that competition between states was inevitable, and the 'neoliberals,' who believed that states could co-operate.

Hans Morgenthau's Politics Among Nations

Paperback, 05/07/2017, £5.99
Morgenthau's classic text, published in 1948, not only introduced the concept of political realism, but also established it as the dominant approach in international relations and the guiding philosophy of US foreign policy during the Cold War. Politics Among Nations begins with a discussion of the principles that guide political realism.

Robert O. Keohane's After Hegemony

Paperback, 05/07/2017, £5.99
After Hegemony has had a huge impact on policy debates over the last three decades. Hegemony means the social, cultural, ideological, or economic influence of one dominant group, and Keohane asks if international cooperation can survive in the absence of a single superpower.

Antonio Gramsci's The Prison Notebooks

Paperback, 15/07/2017, £5.99
An important Marxist work, Prison Notebooks (1948) argues that we must understand societies both in terms of their economic relationships and their cultural beliefs.

Sun Tzu's The Art of War

Paperback, 05/07/2017, £5.99
One of the most important strategy manuals ever published, Chinese general Sun Tzu's The Art of War has also been used as a guide to modern business, giving executives an insight into the vital importance of tactics and preparation.

Alexis De Tocqueville's Democracy in America

Paperback, 15/07/2017, £5.99
Democracy in America, published in 1835 and 1840, challenged conventional thinking about democracy when it first appeared and is still cited today for its in-depth analysis of what makes a successful democracy.

John Locke's Two Treatises of Government

Paperback, 04/07/2017, £5.99
Published anonymously by Locke in 1689, Two Treatises claims that a monarch's right to rule does not come from God, but from the people he rules. In the mid-seventeenth century, England removed its king and tried different systems of government before opting to restore a monarchy.

Machiavelli's The Prince

Paperback, 15/07/2017, £5.99
Though written more than 500 years ago, Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince is still both widely read and very influential. Readers turn to it for its direct advice on the question of how to attain - and retain - power. Machiavelli's answer, in brief: use any means necessary to make sure the state survives.

Supreme Democracy

Hardback, 05/07/2017, £19.99
Supreme Court Nominations in an Age of Democracy explores how the rise of mass media, and the democratization of politics more broadly, has affected the Court, the presidency, and the Senate.

Conservatism: Ideas in Profile

Paperback, 10/08/2017, £8.99


Paperback, 03/08/2017, £9.99

In the Swarm: Digital Prospects

Paperback, 07/04/2017, £9.50
A prominent German thinker argues that--contrary to "Twitter Revolution" cheerleading--digital communication is destroying political discourse and political action.

Psychopolitics: Neoliberalism and New Technologies of Power

Paperback, 07/11/2017, £9.99
Exploring how neoliberalism has discovered the productive force of the psyche

Understanding Federalism and Federation

Paperback, 29/09/2017, £29.99

Issues in Political Theory

Paperback, 18/12/2014, £29.99
Issues in Political Theory provides a stimulating introduction to some of the key concepts, thinkers, and texts in political theory. Case studies at the end of each chapter show students how to examine an important political issue using the key concepts they have just covered.

What Is Populism?

Paperback, 02/11/2017, £8.99


Hardback, 02/01/2018, £9.99
What was once considered extreme is now the mainstream. But what is life like on the political fringes? What is the real power of radicals? This book takes you in the worlds of the innovators, disruptors, idealists and extremists who think society is broken, and believe they know how to fix it.

Scared to Death (The Anatomy of a Very Dangerous Phenomenon)

7, 15/11/2007, £16.99
From salmonella in eggs to BSE, from the Millennium Bug to bird 'flu, from DDT to passive smoking, from asbestos to global warming, 'scares' have become a damaging feature of our modern world. This book tells the inside story of the major scares, showing how they have followed a remarkably consistent pattern.

Mass-Mediated Terrorism: The Central Role of the Media in Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Paperback, 01/09/2002, £19.95
An in-depth look at "mass-mediated" terrorism and political violence, showing how terrorists exploit global media networks and information highways to carry news of their violence along with "propaganda of the deed". It includes a blueprint for public information during terrorism crises.

You Can't Read This Book

Paperback, 19/01/2012, £12.99
Winner of Polemic of the Year at the 2013 Political Book Awards.

Missed Chances: Britain and Europe in the Twentieth Century

Paperback, 24/04/1997, £9.99
Originally published in 1996 and now available in paperback, an examination of British relationships with Europe over the last century, which looks at various problems and identifies four key factors which have caused difficulties in Anglo-European relations.

Essentials of UK Politics: For AS and A-Level

Paperback, 21/07/2017, £24.99
Written by renowned author Andrew Heywood, this lively text expertly introduces A-level students to the basics of UK politics, and covers key areas including political parties, elections and referendums, voting behaviour and the media, the Constitution, Parliament, Judiciary and the European Union.


Hardback, 06/06/2013, £20.00
Forthright memoirs of a singular personality - former MP and STRICTLY COME DANCING star, Ann Widdecombe.

On Democracy

Paperback, 01/09/2000, £8.50
In this accessible work, the political theorist Robert A. Dahl provides a primer on democracy that clarifies what it is, why it is of value, how it works, and what challenges it will confront in the future.

Political Concepts: A Reader and Guide

Paperback, 13/07/2005, £32.00
This major textbook offers both an introduction to and key readings in twenty core political concepts. It blends original essays that survey debates and contact with up-to-date primary literature to provide students with an ideal collection for use on a wide range of courses in political studies.


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