BBC National Short Story Award 2021
  BBC National Short Story Award 2021
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We Do Lockdown

Hardback, 05/11/2020, £8.99

The Velvet Rope Economy: How Inequality Became Big Business

Paperback, 04/03/2021, £9.99
A gripping expose of the way inequality is built into our everyday world - and who profits.

This Land: The Struggle for the Left

Paperback, 18/03/2021, £9.99

Major Political Writings

Paperback, 04/02/2021, £9.99
A new collection of Shaw's major political writings which reflect on his long career and influential role as a public intellectual. These essays reveal significant shifts in his positions and beliefs from the Victorian era to the aftermath of World War II.

The Great Recoil: Politics after Populism and Pandemic

Hardback, 27/07/2021, £16.99
Is populism the future for the Left?

Neither Vertical nor Horizontal: A Theory of Political Organization

Paperback, 25/05/2021, £19.99
How do we organize in a world after both Occupy and the Sanders campaign?

Silicon Values: The Future of Free Speech Under Surveillance Capitalism

Hardback, 23/03/2021, £16.99
How Google, Facebook and Amazon threaten our Democracy

The Care Manifesto: The Politics of Compassion

Paperback, 26/08/2020, £8.99
We are in the midst of a global crisis of care. How do we get out of it?

Automation and the Future of Work

Hardback, 03/11/2020, £12.99
Consensus-shattering account of automation technologies and labour-market malfunctions.

Futures of Socialism: The Pandemic and the Post-Corbyn Era

Paperback, 25/09/2020, £14.99
How should the left respond to electoral defeat, the leadership of Keir Starmer and a global crisis?

The Corona Crash: How the Pandemic Will Change Capitalism

Paperback, 25/09/2020, £8.99
Free market, competitive capitalism is dead. The separation between politics and economics can no longer be sustained.

Mutual Aid: Building Solidarity During This Crisis (and the next)

Paperback, 25/09/2020, £8.99
A handbook for how to organize to meet immediate needs in your community and work toward lasting change.

Corona, Climate, Chronic Emergency: War Communism in the Twenty-First Century

Paperback, 26/08/2020, £10.99
What does the CO-VID 19 tell us about the climate breakdown, and what should we do about it?

Democracy on Demand: Holding Power to Account

Paperback, 27/07/2021, £19.99
Democracy on demand is a most comprehensive analysis of the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of referendums and the challenges to modern democracy. It shows how democracy is vulnerable, and how it can be saved from demagogues. -- .

Stone Men: The Palestinians Who Built Israel

Paperback, 06/04/2021, £12.99
The story of Palestine's stonemasons and the building of Israel

The Force of Nonviolence: An Ethico-Political Bind

Paperback, 09/02/2021, £9.99
Towards a form of aggressive nonviolence.

Snowden's Box: Trust in the Age of Surveillance

Paperback, 23/02/2021, £9.99
Gripping behind-the-scenes story of Edward Snowden's massive leak of US secret surveillance.

The Age of Precarity: Endless Crisis as an Art of Government

Paperback, 10/08/2021, £12.99
When Crisis Becomes the Norm: What Can We Do to Demand Change?

Being Numerous: Essays on Non-Fascist Life

Paperback, 27/04/2021, £9.99
An urgent challenge to the prevailing moral order from one of the freshest, most compelling voices in radical politics today.

Capital Is Dead: Is This Something Worse?

Paperback, 09/02/2021, £9.99
It's not capitalism, it's not neoliberalism-what if it's something worse?

Our History Is the Future: Standing Rock Versus the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the Long Tradition of Indigenous Resistance

Paperback, 13/04/2021, £11.99
How two centuries of Indigenous resistance created the movement proclaiming "Water is Life"

Bigger Than Bernie: How We Go from the Sanders Campaign to Democratic Socialism

Paperback, 06/04/2021, £12.99
After inauguration day in 2021, what's next for Democratic Socialism in America and Bernie Sander's political revolution?

Culture and Politics: Class, Writing, Socialism

Paperback, 11/01/2022, £19.99
Brand new collection of the essential essays from one of the founders of cultural studies, Raymond Williams.

Investigative Aesthetics: Conflicts and Commons in the Politics of Truth

Paperback, 24/08/2021, £14.99
The artist as an investigator: the role of the political art in the world

How to Be an Anticapitalist in the Twenty-First Century

Paperback, 13/04/2021, £8.99
What is wrong with capitalism, and how can we change it?

Culture Strike: Art and Museums in an Age of Protest

Hardback, 28/06/2021, £14.99
A leading activist museum director explains why museums are at the center of a political storm and how they can be reimagined

Set the Night on Fire: L.A. in the Sixties

Paperback, 13/04/2021, £14.99
A magisterial, kaleidoscopic, riveting movement history of Los Angeles in the sixties.

The Last Man Takes LSD: Foucault and the End of Revolution

Hardback, 25/05/2021, £17.99
How Michel Foucault, drugs, California and the rise of neoliberal politics in 1970s France are all connected

The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State

Paperback, 28/04/2021, £11.99
The most influential theory of the origins of women's oppression in the modern era, in a beautiful new edition.

White Skin, Black Fuel: On the Danger of Fossil Fascism

Paperback, 18/05/2021, £20.00
Rising temperatures and the rise of the far right. What disasters happen when they meet?

The Revenge of the Real: Post-Pandemic Politics

Hardback, 29/06/2021, £10.99
Technology, Politics, Science: Can the world govern itself differently after the Coronavirus?

Lost in Work: Escaping Capitalism

Paperback, 20/06/2021, £9.99
How work stole our lives and what we can do about it

Future Histories: What Ada Lovelace, Tom Paine, and the Paris Commune Can Teach Us About Digital Technology

Paperback, 17/08/2021, £10.99
How can we use digital technology for the common good?

The Assault on Truth: Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and the Emergence of a New Moral Barbarism

Hardback, 04/02/2021, £12.99
A powerful polemic against the triumph of political lying in the era of Boris Johnson and Donald Trump

How Spies Think: Ten Lessons in Intelligence

Paperback, 01/07/2021, £9.99

Between Two Fires: Truth, Ambition, and Compromise in Putin's Russia

Paperback, 07/01/2021, £9.99
How everyday Russians adapt to survive under Putin's rule, from The New Yorker's correspondent in Moscow.

The Address Book: What Street Addresses Reveal about Identity, Race, Wealth and Power

Paperback, 01/04/2021, £9.99
An exuberant work of popular history: why something as seemingly mundane as an address can save lives or serve the powerful.

The Handbook of Conflict Resolution: Theory and Practice

Hardback, 13/05/2014, £80.00
Written for both the seasoned professional and the student who wants to deepen their understanding of the processes involved in conflicts and their knowledge of how to manage them constructively, this book provides an understanding for managing conflicts at all levels interpersonal, intergroup, organizational, and international.

Leashing the Dogs of War

Hardback, 01/12/2006, £63.50

Constructive Conflicts: From Escalation to Resolution

Paperback, 29/09/2016, £45.00
Constructive Conflicts provides a framework for analyzing social conflicts of all kinds, with emphasis on how conflicts can lead to positive change. The fifth edition features new material on the role of social movements and NGOs, non-coercive means for shaping conflict, post-conflict activities that result in enduring peace, and more.

Building Peace: Sustainable Reconciliation in Divided Societies

Paperback, 01/01/1998, £14.50
A major work from a seminal figure in the field of conflict resolution, Building Peace is John Paul Lederach's definitive statement on peacebuilding.

Leashing the Dogs of War

Paperback, 01/12/2006, £48.99

Preparing For Peace: Conflict Transformation Across Cultures

Paperback, 30/08/1996, £16.19
Since the early 1950s, John Paul Lederach has travelled worldwide as a mediation trainer and conflict resolution consultant. He has worked with governments, justice departments, and youth programs in Latin America, the Philippines, Cambodia, Somalia, and Africa. Drawing on his experience, Lederach explains the process and key variables used in teaching conflict resolution.
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