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How the Whale Became and Other Tales of the Early World

Paperback, 04/10/2018, £14.99
Ted Hughes wrote a series of stories for children from the early 1960s through until 1995 about how the world, and the creatures in it, came into being. Meet the Polar Bear whose obsession with her snowy white fur is so great that she can only live in a landscape surrounded by her own reflection;

Empty Bottles Full of Stories

Paperback, 01/03/2019, £12.99
A joint poetry collection from the virally popular and bestselling poets r.h. Sin and Robert M. Drake.

Little Boy

Hardback, 04/04/2019, £14.99
Grown Boy came into his own voice and let loose his word-horde pent-up within him. From growing up as an orphan in 1920s New York, to serving in the Navy at the D-Day landings in Normandy, to a vagabond life drinking in Parisian cafes, to befriending America's greatest counter-cultural writers, Little Boy has seen it all.

Green Hollow

Paperback, 04/04/2019, £8.99
In 1966 a coal slag heap collapsed on a school in south Wales, killing 144 people, most of them children. Perhaps most significantly: what is Aberfan like today? The Green Hollow is a historical story with a deeply urgent contemporary resonance;

O Positive

Paperback, 04/04/2019, £10.99
Impertinent owls, an immersive theatre troupe, ancient men from the Great War and idiot balloonists - such characters dramatise our human fancies and foibles, joining the protagonist in scenarios both humorously bizarre and all-too-familiar.

Mermaid's Voice returns in this one

Paperback, 01/04/2019, £9.99
Beneath misguided myths of mermaids are tales of escapism and healing, weaved throughout an empowering collection of poetry.

Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic

Hardback, 16/05/2019, £16.99
Over the course of several years, Simon Armitage has written hundreds of poems for various projects, commissions, collaborations and events, which stand outside of his mainstream collections but now form a substantial body of work in their own right.

Four Quartets

Hardback, 16/05/2019, £12.99
It was the way in which a private voice was heard to speak for the concerns of an entire generation, in the midst of war and doubt, that confirmed it as an enduring masterpiece. This striking new edition marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of publication.

Eternity: Selected Poems

Paperback, 30/05/2019, £10.99

To Provide All People: A Poem in the Voice of the NHS

Paperback, 03/06/2019, £8.99
This is a world of transformative pains, triumphs, losses and celebrations and joins us all in our universal experiences of health and sickness, birth and death, regardless of race, gender or wealth. Informed by over seventy hours of interviews, the work is punctuated with the historical narrative of the birth of the NHS Act.

Say Something Back

Paperback, 19/05/2016, £9.99
The stunning new collection from one of England's finest and most philosophical contemporary poets.

Mexico City Blues

Paperback, 04/07/2019, £8.99

Black Unicorn

Paperback, 04/07/2019, £8.99

Bedouin of the London Evening: Collected Poems

Paperback, 14/06/2016, £12.00
The "disappearance" of the poet Rosemary Tonks in the 1970s was one of the literary world's most tantalising mysteries. All her published poetry is now available here for the first time in over 40 years, along with a selection of her prose. This second edition has an expanded introduction and an additional prose piece.

Robert Browning: The Poems

Paperback, 09/11/2017, £20.99
Using some of Browning's most widely studied poems, this book will develop students' close reading technique and help them to articulate their own responses to poetry.The volume is an ideal introductory guide for A Level and undergraduate English Literature students, or anyone studying Browning's poems for the first time.

Summer With Monika

Hardback, 29/06/2017, £10.00


Paperback, 03/08/2017, £9.99
High on Olympus, Zeus and the assembled deities look down on the world of men, to the city of Troy where a bitter and bloody war has dragged into its tenth year, and a quarrel rages between a legendary warrior and his commander. Greek ships decay, men languish, exhausted, and behind the walls of Troy a desperate people await the next turn of fate.

Songs of Innocence and of Experience

Hardback, 24/08/2017, £10.00

Goblin Market and Other Poems

Hardback, 24/08/2017, £10.00

Lyrical Ballads

Hardback, 24/08/2017, £10.00


Hardback, 24/08/2017, £10.00

Wessex Poems and Other Verses

Hardback, 24/08/2017, £10.00

A Shropshire Lad

Hardback, 24/08/2017, £10.00


Hardback, 24/08/2017, £10.00


Hardback, 24/08/2017, £10.00

Leaves of Grass

Hardback, 24/08/2017, £10.00

Less Deceived

7, £5.95


7, 19/08/1996, £2.00
Keats is one of the principal figures of the Romantic era, his verse violent, tenderly fanciful and intensely musical. This book contains both texts and commentary.

Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained

Paperback, 06/11/2008, £8.99
Satan is out for revenge. His rebellion has failed, he has been cast out from heaven and is doomed to spend eternity in hell. Somehow he must find a way to prove his power and wound his enemies. He fixes upon God's beloved new creations, Adam and Eve, as the vehicles of his vengeance.


Paperback, 14/04/2017, £9.99

Write Poetry and Get it Published: Find your subject, master your style and jump-start your poetic writing

Paperback, 30/04/2010, £12.99
YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING AND WRITING POETRY.Write Poetry - and Get it Published is a new edition of a long-standing and popular guide which offers you plenty of advice and ideas for inspiration as well as practical support for all aspects of the poetry writing and publication process.

Applied Mathematics

Paperback, 01/08/2014, £8.99
Maths, science, retro arcade games, and what it feels like to be stood up in a restaurant by an entire poetry society. Dan Simpson considers them all and more in his first collection.

Poem for Every Day of the Year

Hardback, 07/09/2017, £16.99
An inspiring anthology to keep you company for every day of your life

Gold from the Stone: New and Selected Poems

Paperback, 07/09/2017, £9.99
New work and old favourites from national treasure and one of Britain's most exciting poets, Lemn Sissay

Of All That Ends

Paperback, 27/11/2017, £8.99
The final work of Nobel Prize-winning writer Gunter Grass - a witty and elegiac series of meditations on writing, growing old, and the world. In a striking interplay of poetry, lyric prose and drawings, Grass creates his final, major work of art.

Elegies for the Dead in Cyrenaica

Paperback, 18/09/2008, £9.99
Written between 1942 and 1947, when Hamish Henderson was serving in the North African desert during the Second World War, this title contains elegies that pay tribute to the men who fought with and against him, their lives portrayed with great sympathy and compassion, while the desert itself becomes the unforgiving enemy.

Sleeping Lord: And Other Fragments

Paperback, 27/04/2017, £15.99

Decadent Poetry from Wilde to Naidu

Paperback, 27/01/2005, £12.99
The poems collected in this volume are expressions of a spirit of self-indulgence, eroticism and moral rebelliousness that emerged in the late Victorian age. They deal with eternal themes of transition, artifice and the ravages of time. It presents the works of writers as Oscar Wilde, Arthur Symons, Rosamund Marriott Watson, and W B Yeats.

Collected Poems of John Donne

Paperback, 05/02/1994, £3.99
John Donne's poetry is marked by a scientific colloquial directness and a complex, even tortured, intelligence. It falls into two classes. There is the early ironic and erotic poetry that contains some of the finest English love poetry and also his later, religious poetry.


Paperback, 23/03/1995, £7.95
This poetry anthology contains poems in different settings and languages which find in their history and in the present, meanings which are political and civic. Love is never far away. Quinn's work is European in orientation and Dublin, Prague and Berlin are some examples of the poems' locations.

Pigs Might Fly

Paperback, 28/09/2005, £7.95
A delightfully wise and playful collection from one of our most senior poets, offering a feast of sensory experience.


Paperback, 26/09/2017, £9.99

Ballad of Reading Gaol

Paperback, 01/01/2004, £6.00

Trapping a Ghost

Paperback, 28/06/2007, £7.99

Looking for Icarus

Paperback, 01/01/2005, £7.99



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