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Jimmy Finnigan's Wild Wood Band

Paperback, 09/03/2017, £6.99

Twelve Dancing Princesses

Paperback, 06/04/2017, £7.99


Paperback, 01/04/2016, £6.99

Pirates Next Door

08/09/2016, £6.99

Painting Pepette

Paperback, 30/06/2016, £6.99

Lazy Cat

Paperback, 09/03/2017, £6.99

Lumberjack's Beard

Paperback, 12/01/2017, £6.99

Emma Jane's Aeroplane

Paperback, 23/03/2017, £6.99

How Hattie Hated Kindness

Paperback, 03/10/2003, £11.99
Hattie lives by herself on an island. She likes sharks, and crabs and stinging centipedes. She likes anything hard and spiky. Lots of people try to bring kindness to Hattie on her island, but each time she is very horrid to them, smashing and spoiling everything they try to do for her. So after a while they all stop coming to the island.

Blue Penguin

Paperback, 03/11/2016, £7.99
A heart-warming fable about a friendship and belonging from the award-winning illustrator Petr Horacek.


Paperback, 02/03/2017, £6.99
Pat the bat decides to be special... a SUPERBAT! But all his bat friends have amazing hearing. All of them can fly. And all bats can find their way in the dark. Pat is starting to think that he will never stand out - until a family of mice see him for what he really is... A HERO! A hilarious, heart-warming picture book.

Story of the Real Bear Who Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh

Paperback, 11/08/2016, £6.99
The moving true story of the real bear named Winnie adopted by soldiers during World War 1, and the inspiration behind the nation's best-loved bear, Winnie-the-Pooh

Chu's Day

Paperback, 13/02/2014, £6.99

Tell Me a Story Rory

Hardback, 01/06/2017, £12.99
Will a special bedtime story reunite a girl and her lonely lion?

Quick Quack Quentin

Paperback, 11/08/2016, £6.99
Quentin has a problem with his QUACK in this hilarious new title from bestselling pairing Kes Gray and Jim Field!

Snail and the Whale

Paperback, 21/04/2016, £6.99
The thrilling tale of a tiny snail and a great big grey-blue humpback whale . . .

Daddy, Papa and Me

Hardback, 15/06/2009, £5.99

Are We There Yet?

Paperback, 06/04/2017, £6.99
The car trip to Grandma's house is taking forever. This book explores the amazing possibilities of imagination on a long, boring car journey, as time slows down so much that it starts going backwards. Featuring dinosaurs, ancient Egyptians, knights and pirates, it is a journey through the imagination.

Dinosaur That Pooped Space

Paperback, 04/06/2015, £4.99
Join Danny and Dinosaur as they explore space together! There's rockets, planets, puzzles and POOP in this fun sticker activity book. With puzzles, games and four pages of stickers, it's perfect for keeping little ones busy.

Frog and the Stranger

Paperback, 05/02/2015, £6.99
When Rat comes to live at the edge of their wood, the animals decide they don't like having a stranger in their midst. But Frog is friendly by nature, and decides to find out if Rat is really as unpleasant as he is made out to be.

Boa's Bad Birthday

Paperback, 04/07/2016, £6.99
It was Boa's birthday. It was going to be the best one ever. Or so he hoped. He invited his friends round. They would all bring him wonderful presents. Or would they? A hilarious tale to encourage young children to accept presents gracefully, from the award-winning team of Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross.

Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish

03/10/2005, £8.99
Includes an audio version of the picture book.

Ace Dragon Ltd

Paperback, 02/06/2016, £7.99
A fire-breathing dragon takes a boy on a fantastic sky-high adventure in this irresistible Hoban and Blake classic.

Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

Paperback, 03/09/2015, £7.99
The spirit of Christmas heals a sorrowing woodcarver's heart in this stunning 20th anniversary edition of a Kate Greenaway winning festive classic.

Snowman and the Snowdog

Paperback, 05/09/2013, £7.99
Reunites readers with the Snowman and introduces them to an adorable new puppy-friend, the Snowdog.

How Many Sleeps Till Christmas?

Hardback, 03/10/2013, £6.99
It's hard to be patient when you're only a very little bear, and Little Pip cannot wait until Christmas! Every day he wakes up and thinks the day has finally come - it's driving Daddy Grizzle nuts! Poor Daddy Grizzle ...and poor Pip! How will he be able to carry on waiting - there are still so many sleeps to go.

Father Christmas

Paperback, 05/09/2013, £7.99
Introduces us to a rather grumpy Father Christmas. In this book, Father Christmas has awoken from a dream of summer sun to discover it is December 24th, Christmas Eve - the start of his longest night's work of the year.

Mog's Christmas - 40years ed

Paperback, 30/09/2010, £6.99
The classic Christmas story of everyone's favourite family cat, Mog, complete with a stunning foiled cover for extra Christmas sparkle!

Shrew That Flew

Paperback, 07/04/2016, £6.99
Badger's having a birthday party and Harry and Lil are getting ready, but just as Lil is getting her favourite hat off the washing line to wear, it blows away. Harry says it's gone for good, but Lil says you should never say never "if birds can fly, shrews can, too".

Bear under the Stairs

Paperback, 05/06/2008, £7.99
William is scared of the place under the stairs. He is absolutely sure there's a great big and probably hungry grizzly bear lurking there. He is utterly convinced that the bear will gobble him up if he doesn't feed it. This title helps you find out what happens when a nastly smell pervades the house and Mum and William decide to investigate.

One Snowy Night: A Tale From Percy's Park

Paperback, 04/08/2003, £6.99
Percy the Park Keeper helps his animal friends in this popular story from highly-regarded, best-selling author-illustrator Nick Butterworth. Includes a fabulous fold-out poster!

Incredible book eating boy

Paperback, 05/03/2007, £6.99
The mouth-watering new book from acclaimed author illustrator, Oliver Jeffers.

Elephant And The Bad Baby

Paperback, £6.99
The Elephant takes the Bad Baby for a ride and they go 'rumpeta, rumpeta, rumpeta down the road.' They help themselves to ice creams, pies, buns, crisps, biscuits, lollipops and apples, and the shopkeepers follow them down the road shouting and waving.

Each Peach Pear Plum

Paperback, 13/03/1989, £6.99
Offers illustrated pages that encourages young children to interact with the picture to find the next fairy tale and nursery rhyme character.

Egg Drop

Paperback, 03/04/2003, £7.99
The Egg was young. It didn't know much. We tried to tell it,but of course it didn't listen. If only it had waited ... The Egg loved the sky. It saw all the birds, insects, aeroplanes, balloons, helicopters, bats and clouds. It dreamed of being up there, flying with them all. So the Egg went to a very high place ... and jumped ...

John Patrick Norman McHennessey, the Boy Who Was Always Late

Paperback, 16/08/1990, £7.99
Every day, John Patrick sets off along the road to school, and although he hurries, strange and improbable happenings repeatedly make him late. To make things worse, his teacher never believes his story.

Good Little Wolf

Hardback, 02/06/2011, £6.99
Once upon a time there was a wolf called Rolf - a good little wolf who liked baking cakes and was always kind to his friends. But real wolves aren't supposed to be good - they're supposed to be BIG and BAD. Can a good little wolf still be a real wolf? And will Rolf discover there's something big and bad lurking inside him after all?

Where the Wild Things are

Paperback, 04/05/2000, £6.99
Presents the story of Max's adventures when he sails away to the land where the wild things. This book is the winner of the Caldecott Medal for the Most Distinguished Picture Book of the Year, 1964.

Mr Gumpy's Outing

7, 01/06/2001, £7.99
One day Mr Gumpy decides to take a trip along the river in his boat. But the children, the rabbit, the cat, the pig and lots more friends decide to join him. Everyone's having a lovely time until the animals start kicking, bleating, hopping and flapping and the boat starts to rock. What will happen...?

Bear Who Went Boo!

Paperback, 04/05/2017, £6.99
From Number One bestselling picture book duo, David Walliams and Tony Ross, comes this bear-illiantly funny adventure for children of 3 and up.

Fox and the Star

Paperback, 06/10/2016, £12.99

I Can Only Draw Worms

Paperback, 26/01/2017, £6.99
This book is about worms. I can only draw worms. You might think worms are boring - but you'd be wrong. These worms have INCREDIBLE adventures! I can't draw those bits, though, so you'll have to imagine them. A hilarious and superbly silly book that will have children in stitches and begging for more.

We're All Wonders

Paperback, 28/03/2017, £6.99

Bog Baby

Paperback, 01/05/2008, £6.99
When two small sisters go fishing to the magic pond, they find something much better than a frog or a newt. They find a bog baby. Small and blue with wings like a dragon, the girls decide to make him their secret. I won't tell if you won't. But the bog baby is a wild thing, and when he becomes poorly, the girls decide they must tell their mum.

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

Paperback, 26/06/1997, £6.99
Tells the tale of Mufaro's two daughters, two beautiful girls who react in different ways to the king's search for a wife - one is aggressive and selfish, the other kind and dignified. The king takes on disguises to learn the true nature of both girls and of course chooses Nyasha, the kind and generous daughter, to be his queen.

Dirty Beasts

Paperback, 07/07/2016, £7.99
A collection of animal rhymes featuring grisly beasts out for human blood, ranging from Gocky-Wock the crocodile to Sting-A-Ling the scorpion.

Beatrix Potter and the Unfortunate Tale of the Guinea Pig

Paperback, 07/07/2016, £7.99
Young Beatrix Potter loves to draw animals. She has many pets whom she likes to paint - a frog, a salamander, a canary and even a hedgehog. But she doesn't have a guinea pig so she borrows her neighbour's, promising that no harm will come to the cuddly creature. After all, what could possibly go wrong...?


Paperback, 01/06/2017, £6.99

Other Goose

Paperback, 07/10/2002, £6.99
Once there was a goose called Katerina... Katerina was the only goose on her pond, and this made her very sad and rather lonely.

King of Tiny Things

Paperback, 04/02/2010, £6.99
When two little girls visit their grandparents, it seems like a brilliant idea to camp outside for the night. But then the dark comes and it doesn't seem such a good idea, until an unexpected visitor arrives - the King of Tiny Things. He is the shepherd of creepy crawlies, bugs and grubs and shows the girls that the night is bright with magic.
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