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Quantum Age: How the Physics of the Very Small has Transformed Our Lives

Paperback, 04/06/2015, £9.99
Acclaimed popular science author Brian Clegg demonstrates how quantum physics underpins everyday life.

Advanced Physics

Paperback, 22/08/2013, £54.00
Written by members of the Editorial Board of the Institute of Physics, Advanced Physics makes A-level physics accessible to all students, with Maths boxes throughout to support concept development. Questions give opportunities to practise recall and analytical skills, and there are high quality diagrams and full colour illustrations throughout.


Paperback, 07/11/2013, £7.99
All too easily, we ignore or dismiss the fascinating possibilities of emptiness and non-existence. But without nothing, or rather what we've long taken to be nothing - we'd be nowhere. This title is suitable for those who are interested in science - or in the greatest mysteries of our world.


Paperback, 02/10/2008, £12.99
A 13.4-billion-light-year visual journey from Earth to the edge of the cosmos.

Cosmology 2ed

Paperback, 22/06/2000, £6.50
A range of textbooks and teacher support materials for AS and A level Pre 2008 specification.

Cosmos: The Story of Cosmic Evolution, Science and Civilisation

Paperback, 11/08/1983, £12.99
* The story of cosmic evolution, science and civilisation

College Physics 2ed

Hardback, 09/12/2000, £65.99
This work aims to build and transmit the concepts of physics and the analytical skills to apply them, and build an appreciation for the underlying simplicity and unity in nature.

Cambridge International AS and A Level Biology Coursebook with CD-ROM 4ed

28/08/2014, £48.72
Fully revised and updated content matching the new Cambridge International Examinations Biology 9700 syllabus for first teaching in 2014 and first examination in 2016.

Engineering Mathematics 7ed

Paperback, 01/12/2013, £49.99
The best-selling introductory mathematics textbook for students on science and engineering degree and pre-degree courses. Sales stand at more than half a million copies world-wide. Its unique programmed approach takes students through the mathematics they need in a step-by-step fashion with a wealth of examples and exercises.

Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering: A Comprehensive Guide 3ed

Paperback, 13/03/2006, £39.99
This highly acclaimed undergraduate textbook teaches all the mathematics for undergraduate courses in the physical sciences.

Crowd and the Cosmos: Adventures in the Zooniverse

Hardback, 07/11/2019, £20.00
Astronomer and TV presenter Chris Lintott tells the story of the Zooniverse, the platform which enables hundreds of thousands of ordinary people to contribute to scientific research. He describes the discoveries they are making, and shows how, in the world of Big Data and smart machines, humans play a unique part in adding to scientific knowledge.

Canto Classics: What is Life?: With Mind and Matter and Autobiographical Sketches

Paperback, 26/03/2012, £14.99
Nobel laureate Erwin Schroedinger's What is Life? is one of the great science classics of the twentieth century. The philosopher Karl Popper hailed it as a 'beautiful and important book' by 'a great man to whom I owe a personal debt for many exciting discussions'.

Understanding Analysis 2ED

Paperback, 29/10/2016, £40.99
Acutely aware of the need for rigor, the student is much better prepared to understand what constitutes a proper mathematical proof and how to write one.Fifteen years of classroom experience with the first edition of Understanding Analysis have solidified and refined the central narrative of the second edition.

Introduction to Particle and Astroparticle Physics 2ed

Paperback, 28/06/2018, £59.99
This book, written by researchers who worked in accelerator physics before becoming leaders of groups in astroparticle physics, demonstrates that a renewed study of cosmic rays must be a part of "modern" research in the new particle physics.

Discovering the Universe 11ed

Paperback, 15/01/2019, £71.99
Combining a student-centred approach with the reliability of a familiar and proven text, Discovering The Universe invites students to follow their curiosity and ask questions about astronomy, through features including What If?

Universe 11ed

Paperback, 15/01/2019, £70.99
Available as the full 27 chapter text or split into Stars and Galaxies and The Solar System, Universe provides all the detail you need to prepare students for engaging with the astronomical ideas and theories, while also inviting students in through stunning visuals and relatable narratives.

Principles of Astrophysics: Using Gravity and Stellar Physics to Explore the Cosmos

Paperback, 11/05/2014, £59.99
Based on a series of award-winning lectures, this physics-oriented analysis of astronomical systems will appeal to students both of physics and engineering. It derives the fundamentals of gravity and the formation of the universe from physical principles.

Making Sense of Quantum Mechanics

Hardback, 14/01/2016, £54.99
This book explains, in simple terms, with a minimum of mathematics, why things can appear to be in two places at the same time, why correlations between simultaneous events occurring far apart cannot be explained by local mechanisms, and why, nevertheless, the quantum theory can be understood in terms of matter in motion.

Mechanics and Thermodynamics: 2016

Paperback, 13/02/2017, £69.99
This introduction to classical mechanics and thermodynamics provides an accessible and clear treatment of the fundamentals. Starting with particle mechanics and an early introduction to special relativity this textbooks enables the reader to understand the basics in mechanics.

Classical and Quantum Cosmology

Hardback, 12/01/2017, £89.99

Classical Mechanics: Including an Introduction to the Theory of Elasticity

Paperback, 09/01/2017, £54.99
This textbook teaches classical mechanics as one of the foundations of physics. Among others this includes statistical mechanics (separate chapter), quantum mechanics, space flight, galactic dynamics, friction, and vibration spectroscopy.

Analysis and Presentation of Experimental Results: With Examples, Problems and Programs

Paperback, 29/06/2017, £59.99
This book is intended as a guide to the analysis and presentation of experimental results. After presenting basic theoretical concepts, the book describes the methods by which the results can be presented, both numerically and graphically.

Beyond Classical Physics

Paperback, 04/12/2017, £54.99
This undergraduate textbook discusses the nature of the microscopic universe from a modern perspective, based on Einstein's notions of relativity and Noether's proof of the emergence of conservation laws from symmetries of the equations of motion.

Introductory Quantum Mechanics: A Traditional Approach Emphasizing Connections with Classical Physics

Hardback, 23/01/2018, £59.99
This book presents a basic introduction to quantum mechanics. An attempt has been made to anticipate the conceptual problems students encounter when they first study quantum mechanics. The goal of the presentation is to provide the students with a solid background in quantum mechanics.

Philosophy of Quantum Physics

Hardback, 09/07/2018, £49.99
This book provides a thorough and up-to-date introduction to the philosophy of quantum physics. Philosophy of quantum physics is aimed at philosophers with an interest in physics, while also serving to familiarize physicists with many of the essential philosophical questions of their subject.

Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry for Physical Sciences

Paperback, 22/05/2018, £54.99
A self-contained introduction to finite dimensional vector spaces, matrices, systems of linear equations, spectral analysis on euclidean and hermitian spaces, affine euclidean geometry, quadratic forms and conic sections.

First Introduction to Quantum Physics

Paperback, 03/08/2018, £49.99
In this undergraduate textbook, the author develops the quantum theory from first principles based on very simple experiments: a photon travelling through beam splitters to detectors, an electron moving through a Stern-Gerlach machine, and an atom emitting radiation.

Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics

Paperback, 18/03/2019, £44.99
This textbook fills the gap between the very basic and the highly advanced volumes that are widely available on the subject.

Fundamental Astronomy 6ed

Hardback, 09/11/2016, £74.99
Fundamental Astronomy is an exhaustive introduction to classical and modern astronomy. It covers both overarching concepts and underlying principles. It provides a sound basis for more profound studies in astronomy. This fifth edition is richly illustrated with more than 400 images.

Basic Training in Mathematics: A Fitness Program for Science Students

Paperback, 30/04/1995, £54.99
Based on course material used by the author at Yale University, this practical text addresses the widening gap found between the mathematics required for upper-level courses in the physical sciences and the knowledge of incoming students.

Conceptual Basis of Quantum Mechanics: 2016

Paperback, 28/10/2015, £54.99
The book covers the content of a typical higher undergraduate course of the theory of Quantum Mechanics. The focus is on the general principles of quantum mechanics and the clarification of its terminology: What exactly is a Hilbert space? A separate chapter discusses the many open questions regarding the interpretation of the postulates.

Basic Concepts in Computational Physics

Hardback, 22/03/2016, £44.99
Readers will discover the benefits of numerical methods for solving complex mathematical problems and for the direct simulation of physical processes. The book is divided into two main parts: Deterministic methods and stochastic methods in computational physics.

Basics of Laser Physics: For Students of Science and Engineering

Hardback, 07/04/2017, £109.99
This book offers a general description of the laser, theoretical and operational details of gas, solid state, free-electron and semiconductor lasers. Includes a uniform treatment of gas and solid-state lasers on one hand, and semiconductor lasers on the other.

Cosmology for the Curious

Hardback, 23/07/2017, £31.99
One of the book's central themes is the scientific quest to find answers to the ultimate cosmic questions: Is the universe finite or infinite?

Physics from Symmetry

Hardback, 18/12/2017, £35.99
This is a textbook that derives the fundamental theories of physics from symmetry. It starts by introducing, in a completely self-contained way, all mathematical tools needed to use symmetry ideas in physics.

Physics of Oscillations and Waves: With use of Matlab and Python

Paperback, 31/08/2018, £59.99
In this textbook a combination of standard mathematics and modern numerical methods is used to describe a wide range of natural wave phenomena, such as sound, light and water waves, particularly in specific popular contexts, e.g.

Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology: An Introduction

Paperback, 03/08/2016, £44.99
This greatly enhanced and expanded second edition of the leading textbook on astronomy incorporates spectacular new imagery and recent results from recently commissioned observatory platforms including the Galaxy Evolution Explorer, Herschel, and ALMA.

College Physics: Part 1

Paperback, 05/01/2018, £25.98

College Physics: Part 2

Paperback, 05/01/2018, £24.48

Cosmic Mystery Tour

Hardback, 06/02/2019, £16.99
How did the universe begin? What are gravitational waves all about? Will we find life on other planets? The Cosmic Mystery Tour is a brilliant, entertaining introduction to the discoveries of physics and astronomy. Stories, explanations, and illustrations open up the exciting frontiers of science to any beginner.

Seven Elements That Have Changed The World: Iron, Carbon, Gold, Silver, Uranium, Titanium, Silicon

Paperback, 06/02/2014, £9.99
Uranium, carbon, iron, titanium, gold, silver and silicon - former BP CEO John Browne explains how seven elements are shaping the 21st century, for good and for bad.

Diversity of Life

Paperback, 26/04/2001, £12.99
Tells the great story of how life on earth evolved. This work describes how the species of the world became diverse, and why the threat to this diversity is beyond the scope of anything we have known before. It also addresses the explosion of the field of conservation biology and takes a look at the work still to be done.

History of the Universe in 21 Stars: (and 3 Imposters)

Hardback, 03/09/2020, £12.99
A complete introduction to the heavens through the tales of these 21 key stars.
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