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Physical Geography

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Great Britain OS Route Map: 2017

27/03/2017, £5.99
Ordnance Survey's double-sided OS Route Map - Route features clear, current mapping of motorways and road numbers as well as selected tourist information. Distances between cities are also shown which makes this the ideal map for planning long journeys.

Volcanoes 2ed

Paperback, 04/12/2003, £57.99
A new edition of Peter Francis's highly respected text, reflecting new research findings and new eruptions. Preserving the immense clarity and engaging humour of the first edition including a new chapter on hazards and risk mitigation.

Arid Zone Geomorphology: Process, Form and Change in Drylands

Paperback, 04/03/2011, £57.25
The new edition of Arid Zone Geomorphology aims to encapsulate the advances that have been made in recent years in the investigation and explanation of landforms and geomorphological processes in drylands.

Atmosphere, Weather and Climate 9ed

Paperback, 28/09/2009, £62.99
Presents an introduction to the weather processes and climatic conditions around the world, their observed variability and changes, and projected trends. This book offers a comprehensive coverage of global meteorology and climatology.

Essential Soil Science - a Clear and Concise Introduction to Soil Science

Paperback, 15/03/2002, £42.95
Only textbook to cater for introductory courses in soil science. Provides an affordable concise overview of soil science. Learning exercises and chapter summaries enhance usability. Annotated suggestions for further reading. Based on proven and successful modular course structure. Emphasis on readability and interactive learning.

Cartography: an introduction 2ed

Paperback, 28/07/2017, £12.99
Second expanded edition of the BCS's popular introduction to Cartography. This is aimed at anyone either interested in maps or who creates maps at various levels of competency. It gives guidance, knowledge and principles of Cartography. An indispensable tool for improving your mapmaking ability and knowledge.

Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book: Pit your wits against Britain's greatest map makers

Paperback, 18/10/2018, £16.99
Over 200 fiendish puzzles to find out who will be the ultimate map-master!

Introduction to Coastal Processes and Geomorphology 2ed

Paperback, 30/09/2019, £45.99
Grounded in current research, this second edition has been thoroughly updated, featuring new topics, global examples and online material. Written for students studying coastal geomorphology, this is the complete guide to the processes at work on our coastlines and the features we see in coastal systems across the world.

Why North is Up: Map Conventions and Where They Came From

Hardback, 16/08/2019, £20.00
Many people have a love of maps. But what lies behind the process of map-making? Here is an accessible and enlightening guide to the sometimes hidden techniques of map-making through the centuries.

Atlas of Unusual Borders: Discover intriguing boundaries, territories and geographical curiosities

Paperback, 03/10/2019, £14.99
The world is not always what we think it is. This beautifully designed book presents unusual borders, enclaves and exclaves, divided or non-existent cities and islands. Numerous conflicts have left countries divided and often shattered. Remnants of countries can by design or accident be left behind as a legal anomaly in this complex world.

Introducing Geophysics

Paperback, 23/04/2020, £16.00
An introduction to the science of geophysics which deals with physical processes and physical properties of the Earth and its surrounding space environment.

The Times Concise Atlas of the World: 14th Edition

Hardback, 01/10/2020, £80.00
A fully revised and updated fourteenth edition of this major world atlas in the authoritative and prestigious Times Atlas range. This beautifully designed atlas has all the information you need, whether planning a trip, keeping in touch with world news, solving quizzes and crosswords or just exploring the world from your armchair.

Ice Ages: Their Social and Natural History

Hardback, 10/02/2022, £18.99
Allan Mazur's book tells the appealing history of the scientific 'discovery' of Ice Ages, and how the waning of the last Ice Age paved the way for agrarian civilization and, ultimately, our present social structures. An engrossing combination of natural science and social history: glaciology and sociology writ large.

Practical Forestry: For the Agent and Surveyor

Paperback, 31/03/2022, £40.00
The definitive guide to forestry, and the main resource for forestry students

This Volcanic Isle: The Violent Processes that forged the British Landscape

Hardback, 24/11/2022, £20.00
This Volcanic Isle explores the rich geological history of the British Isles over the past 66 million years, since the disappearance of the dinosaurs. From the Isle of Wight needles to the Giant's causeway to the Sticklepath faultline in Devon, this book recounts how earthquakes and eruptions, plumes and plate boundaries, built the British Isles.

Blue Machine: How the Ocean Shapes our World

Hardback, 01/06/2023, £20.00

The Cotswolds, Burford, Chipping Campden, Cirencester & Stow-on-the Wold

10/06/2015, £9.99
OS Explorer is the Ordnance Survey's most detailed map and is recommended for anyone enjoying outdoor activities like walking, horse riding and off-road cycling. Providing complete GB coverage the series details essential information such as youth hostels, pubs and visitor information as well as rights of way, permissive paths and bridleways.

Quaternary Dating Methods

Paperback, 25/04/2005, £54.95
Presented in a clear and straightforward manner with the minimum of technical detail, this introductory textbook introduces the basics of dating, the range of techniques available and the strengths and limitations of each of the principal methods.

Coastal Systems 2ed

Paperback, 05/09/2008, £38.99
Explores the dynamics of the global coastal environment. This book offers an introduction to the processes, landforms, ecosystems and management of this global environment. Each chapter has sections, illustrations and topical case studies from around the world. Students benefit from summary points, themed boxes, and, discussion questions.

Glacial Geology: Icesheets and Landforms 2ed

Paperback, 28/07/2009, £45.95
The new Second Edition of Glacial Geology provides a modern, comprehensive summary of glacial geology and geomorphology. It is has been thoroughly revised and updated from the original First Edition. This book will appeal to all students interested in the landforms and sediments that make up glacial landscapes.

Global Geomorphology

7, 02/04/1991, £53.99
Global geomorphology is the subject of this book, working from the perspective that an adequate appreciation of landform genesis must encompass a knowledge of the large-scale framework of landscapes as well as an understanding of the smaller-scale processes which create individual landforms.

Reconstructing Quaternary Environments 3ed

Paperback, 31/07/2006, £56.99
"Examines the various forms of evidence used to establish the history and scale of environmenal changes during the Quaternary. This book examines a wide range palaeological indicators, and synthesises field and laboratory techniques . It is widely illustrated and employs progressive learning techniques throughout"--

Biogeography: An Ecological and Evolutionary Approach 8ed

Paperback, 11/05/2010, £146.99
Biologists searching for a resource that explores all of the exciting changes that have occurred recently in the field will turn to this eighth edition. It offers insight into the multidisciplinary nature of the field, presenting a sound historical base, up-to-date coverage, and a look at the latest controversies.

Geological Structures: An Introductory Field Guide

Paperback, 26/01/2017, £12.99
This easy to use, highly informative photographic field guide brings rock structures and their associated landforms to a wide general readership.

Dictionary of Physical Geography 4ed

Paperback, 26/02/2016, £35.95
This fully-revised comprehensive fourth edition covers the whole field of physical geography including climate and atmosphere, geomorphology, biogeography, hydrology, oceans, Quaternary, environmental change, soils, remote sensing and GIS.

Dunes: Dynamics, Morphology, History

Paperback, 10/05/2013, £24.99
Dunes is the first book in over a decade to incorporate the latest research in this active and fast-developing field. It discusses the shapes, sizes, patterns, distribution, history and care of wind-blown dunes, and covers all aspects of dunes, terrestrial and in the Solar System.

Basics of Geomorphology : Key concepts

Paperback, 13/11/2014, £29.99
Two globally respected geomorphologists explain the basics of landform science in 20 concepts. An accessible and student focused companion to the field.

Glaciers and Environmental Change

Paperback, 28/04/2000, £36.99
Provides an account of glaciers and ice sheets as monitors and indicators of environmental change. This book examines the record of environmental change within glaciers and ice sheets, and that of past environments left by retreating glaciers. It also assesses methods of using palaeoenvironmental records.

Glacial Landsystems

Paperback, 28/01/2005, £48.99
Offers an overview of the field of glaciation from the perspective of glacial landsystems. This title provides a summary of landsystems relevant to both modern and ancient glacier systems and also in the reconstruction and interpretation of former glacial environments. It serves as a reference for students of glaciation.

Environmental Geology

Paperback, 01/02/2010, £49.99
Emphasizes human interaction with the environment within a geological context. This book holds the interest of nonmajor students and brings applications to the forefront so that students feel a connection to the topic.

Fundamentals of Fluvial Geomorphology

Paperback, 15/11/2007, £59.99
Provides an understanding of how the fluvial system operates at different spatial and temporal scales. This book is suitable as an introductory text for first and second year undergraduates.

How the Ocean Works : An Introduction to Oceanography

Paperback, 01/04/2008, £62.00
Offers a college-level introduction to marine science. This title explores early scientific knowledge of oceans, photosynthesis, trophic interactions and energy flow, and the impacts of human activities on marine and atmospheric systems. It includes color illustrations and informative diagrams.


Paperback, 19/02/1999, £46.99
A study of glaciers.

Mapping of Geological Structures

Paperback, 01/08/1991, £102.95
Detailed mapping and analysis of the structural features of rocks enable the 3D geometry of their structures to be reconstructed. The resulting evidence of the stresses and movement patterns which rocks have undergone indicates the processes by which they were formed, and allows evaluation of past deformations of the earth s crust.

Complete Ice Age, The

7, 12/10/2009, £24.95
Presents discoveries in the different fields of Ice Age Research. This book reveals how the epoch was discovered, the profound climatic fluctuations it generated as ice sheets waxed and waned, and the myriad ways in which humans and animals coped with the changing world they lived in.

Earth Materials

Paperback, 27/08/2012, £39.99
Key concepts in mineralogy and petrology are explained alongside beautiful full-color illustrations, in this concisely written textbook.

Fundamentals of the Physical Environment 4ed

Paperback, 16/05/2008, £56.99
Demonstrates how the various factors operating at Earth's surface can and do interact, and how landscape can be used to decipher them. This book explains the nature of the earth, its atmosphere and its oceans, the main processes of geomorphology and key elements of ecosystems.

Earth:an intimate history

7, 07/03/2005, £12.99
The paperback of the Sunday Times bestseller that reveals how the earth became the shape it is today. This book will change the way you see the world - permanently.

Glaciers and Glaciation 2ed

Paperback, 25/06/2010, £64.99
A new edition of the classic textbook for all students of glaciation.

Geomorphology of Desert Dunes

Paperback, 21/09/1995, £56.99
How desert dunes are formed, how they change, their environmental significance and the role of climate change - these issues are examined through extensive case studies drawn from South Africa, India, Northern Europe and Australia.

Fundamentals of Biogeography 2ed

Paperback, 22/07/2004, £44.99
Providing an up-to-date introduction to biogeography, this textbook explains where different animals and plants live, examines why, and investigates how populations grow, interact and survive.

Geology of Britain

Hardback, 15/11/2002, £16.99
This text covers the geological history of Britain from over 2000 million years ago to the present day. An introductory chapter covers basic geological principles, followed by chapters describing the rocks, minerals and fossils of each period.

Rocks of Anglesey's Coast

Paperback, 19/06/2013, £12.00

Underlands: A Journey Through Britain's Lost Landscape

Paperback, 07/05/2015, £12.99
Journeying across the British Isles and drawing on his own mining and stonemasonry background, geologist Ted Nield unearths the ways in which the rocks beneath our feet shape our lives

Earth's Land Surface

Paperback, 31/03/2010, £46.99
Lively, engaging introduction to geomorphology and earth surface processes, written by one of the world's leading experts in the field.
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