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    Aberystwyth and Cwm Rheidol

    £11.69 £12.99

    Adventures in Maps

    £22.50 £25.00
    Twenty historical journeys, routes and adventures followed through the maps that made them.

    All Mapped Out

    £14.40 £16.00
    A unique approach to maps, exploring how they have shaped society and culture.

    Arid Zone Geomorphology: Process, Form and Change in Drylands

    £56.66 £62.95
    The new edition of Arid Zone Geomorphology aims to encapsulate the advances that have been made in recent years in the investigation and explanation of landforms and geomorphological processes in drylands.

    Atlas of Unusual Borders: Discover intriguing boundaries, territories and geographical curiosities

    £13.49 £14.99
    The world is not always what we think it is. This beautifully designed book presents unusual borders, enclaves and exclaves, divided or non-existent cities and islands. Numerous conflicts have left countries divided and often shattered. Remnants of countries can by design or accident be left behind as a legal anomaly in this complex world.

    Atmosphere, Weather and Climate 9ed

    £56.69 £62.99
    Presents an introduction to the weather processes and climatic conditions around the world, their observed variability and changes, and projected trends. This book offers a comprehensive coverage of global meteorology and climatology.

    Basics of Geomorphology : Key concepts

    £26.99 £29.99
    Two globally respected geomorphologists explain the basics of landform science in 20 concepts. An accessible and student focused companion to the field.

    Biogeography: An Ecological and Evolutionary Approach 8ed

    £35.99 £146.99
    Biologists searching for a resource that explores all of the exciting changes that have occurred recently in the field will turn to this eighth edition. It offers insight into the multidisciplinary nature of the field, presenting a sound historical base, up-to-date coverage, and a look at the latest controversies.

    Blue Machine: How the Ocean Shapes our World

    £15.00 £20.00

    Canterbury & East Kent, Dover & Margate OS Landranger 179

    £11.69 £12.99

    Canterbury and the Isle of Thanet

    £11.69 £12.99

    Cartography: an introduction 2ed

    £11.69 £12.99
    Second expanded edition of the BCS's popular introduction to Cartography. This is aimed at anyone either interested in maps or who creates maps at various levels of competency. It gives guidance, knowledge and principles of Cartography. An indispensable tool for improving your mapmaking ability and knowledge.

    Coastal Systems 2ed

    £27.29 £42.99
    Explores the dynamics of the global coastal environment. This book offers an introduction to the processes, landforms, ecosystems and management of this global environment. Each chapter has sections, illustrations and topical case studies from around the world. Students benefit from summary points, themed boxes, and, discussion questions.

    Complete Ice Age, The

    £22.46 £24.95
    Presents discoveries in the different fields of Ice Age Research. This book reveals how the epoch was discovered, the profound climatic fluctuations it generated as ice sheets waxed and waned, and the myriad ways in which humans and animals coped with the changing world they lived in.

    Dictionary of Physical Geography 4ed

    £32.36 £35.95
    This fully-revised comprehensive fourth edition covers the whole field of physical geography including climate and atmosphere, geomorphology, biogeography, hydrology, oceans, Quaternary, environmental change, soils, remote sensing and GIS.

    Dunes: Dynamics, Morphology, History

    £22.49 £24.99
    Dunes is the first book in over a decade to incorporate the latest research in this active and fast-developing field. It discusses the shapes, sizes, patterns, distribution, history and care of wind-blown dunes, and covers all aspects of dunes, terrestrial and in the Solar System.

    Earth Materials

    £35.99 £39.99
    Key concepts in mineralogy and petrology are explained alongside beautiful full-color illustrations, in this concisely written textbook.

    Earth:an intimate history

    £13.49 £14.99
    The paperback of the Sunday Times bestseller that reveals how the earth became the shape it is today. This book will change the way you see the world - permanently.

    Earth's Land Surface

    £42.29 £46.99
    Lively, engaging introduction to geomorphology and earth surface processes, written by one of the world's leading experts in the field.

    Environmental Geology

    £44.99 £49.99
    Emphasizes human interaction with the environment within a geological context. This book holds the interest of nonmajor students and brings applications to the forefront so that students feel a connection to the topic.

    Essential Soil Science - a Clear and Concise Introduction to Soil Science

    £38.66 £42.95
    Only textbook to cater for introductory courses in soil science. Provides an affordable concise overview of soil science. Learning exercises and chapter summaries enhance usability. Annotated suggestions for further reading. Based on proven and successful modular course structure. Emphasis on readability and interactive learning.

    Fundamentals of Biogeography 2ed

    £44.09 £48.99
    Providing an up-to-date introduction to biogeography, this textbook explains where different animals and plants live, examines why, and investigates how populations grow, interact and survive.

    Fundamentals of Fluvial Geomorphology

    £60.29 £66.99
    Provides an understanding of how the fluvial system operates at different spatial and temporal scales. This book is suitable as an introductory text for first and second year undergraduates.

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