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Future of the Music Business: How to Succeed with the New Digital Technologies

09/09/2011, £26.00
Technologies are revolutionizing the music business. This title provides a legal and business road map for success in today's music business by setting forth a summary of the rules pertaining to the traditional music business, including music licensing, as well as the laws governing online distribution of music and video.

Devising Performance: A Critical History

Paperback, 23/09/2005, £18.99

An Actor's Work

Paperback, 22/09/2016, £19.99

Practical Guide to Ensemble Devising

Paperback, 01/06/2015, £19.99
This comprehensive handbook introduces techniques and exercises for devising theatre as an ensemble. Its clear style makes it an ideal book for students new to devising, while its wide scope provides fresh ideas for more experienced actors.

I Laughed, I Cried: One Woman, One Hundred Days, The Mother of all Challenges

Paperback, 03/07/2014, £8.99
'The working mum's version of Eddie Izzard's 50 marathons in 50 days. Hilarious.' Sally Phillips

Are You There, Crocodile?: Inventing Anton Chekhov

Hardback, 01/03/2003, £19.99
Michael Pennington's work on his solo show about Anton Chekhov has taken London's "Russian Actor" from the Trans-Siberian Railway to Soviet and post-Soviet Moscow, into the repertoires of the National Theatre and the Old Vic and across Europe.

Shoot, Get Treasure, Repeat

Paperback, 02/04/2008, £12.99
Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat is Mark Ravenhill's epic cycle of plays exploring the personal and political effect of war on modern life, produced in various locations around London in April 2008.

Joan: The Remarkable Life of Joan Leigh Fermor

Hardback, 05/10/2017, £25.00
The first biography of Joan Leigh Fermor, society beauty, professional photographer and muse

Essential guide to business in the Performing Arts

Paperback, 02/09/1996, £23.99
This text addresses the business skills that are essential to those involved in the performing arts. With increasing emphasis on freelance and small-scale work in the arts, this book provides an introduction to areas such as marketing, finance and fundraising.

Age and Dancing: Older People and Community Dance Practice

Paperback, 07/12/2012, £26.99
This highly readable introduction to dance with older people combines key debates and issues in the field with practical guidance, as well as a resources section including numerous 'toolkit materials'. Diane Amans, leading practitioner in Community Dance, provides the ideal beginners' guide for students, practitioners and dance artists alike.

Theatre and Race

Paperback, 24/05/2013, £6.99
The theatre has always been a place where conceptions of race and racism have been staged, shared and perpetuated. Harvey Young introduces key ideas about race, before tracing its relationship with theatre and performance - from Ancient Athens to the present day.

How Not To Be a Boy

Paperback, 03/05/2018, £8.99
THE NUMBER ONE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER - Robert Webb's part-memoir, part call-to-arms

Chopin's Piano: A Journey through Romanticism

Hardback, 07/06/2018, £20.00


Hardback, 21/09/2017, £12.99
COMEDY, TRAGEDY, THERAPY Simon Amstell did his first stand-up gig at the age of thirteen. From a complicated childhood in Essex to an Ayahuasca-led epiphany in the Amazon rainforest, this story will make you laugh, cry and then feel happier than you've ever been.

Modern Romance

Paperback, 27/01/2016, £8.99
Investigates love in the age of technology. This book enlists some of the world's leading social scientists, conducted hundreds of interviews, analyzed the behavioural data, and researched dating cultures from Tokyo to Buenos Aires to New York City.

Treading The Dance

Hardback, 15/10/2011, £25.00

Applied Practice: Evidence and Impact in Theatre, Music and Art

Hardback, 10/08/2017, £75.00
This edited collection brings together theoretical and practice-based perspectives on the question of evidence of impact in relation to arts practice in a social context."

American Musical and the Formation of National Identity

Paperback, 27/03/2006, £24.95
The American musical has achieved and maintained relevance to more people in America than any other performance-based art. This history of the genre, intended for readers of all stripes, offers discussions of how American musicals, especially through their musical numbers, advance themes related to American national identity.

New Media Dramaturgy: Performance, Media and New-Materialism

Hardback, 08/05/2017, £89.99
This book illuminates the shift in approaches to the uses of theatre and performance technology in the past twenty-five years and develops an account of new media dramaturgy (NMD), an approach to theatre informed by what the technology itself seems to want to say.

Frantic Assembly Book of Devising Theatre 2ed

Paperback, 15/07/2014, £23.99

Ballet Body Narratives: Pain, Pleasure and Perfection in Embodied Identity

Paperback, 29/05/2015, £40.00
Ballet Body Narratives is an ethnographic exploration of the social world of classical ballet and the embodiment of young ballet dancers as they engage in "becoming a dancer" in ballet schooling in England. This book sheds new light on the distinctiveness of ballet culture in studies of the body.

May I Have the Pleasure?

Paperback, 25/04/2013, £12.50
This book sets out to trace the development of our social dancing from its origins in the ancient ring dances of antiquity to the teenager's beat dancing of today.

Complete Stanislavsky Toolkit

Paperback, 19/06/2014, £10.99
A revised and updated edition of Bella Merlin's essential guide to Stanislavsky.

Mike Brewer's Warm-ups

Paperback, 22/08/2002, £7.99
A handbook for singers and choral directors. It contains physical and mental activities to tackle various aspects of vocal technique, including: posture, breathing, sound-making, velocity, virtuosity and flexibility, range, register and resonance, harmony and blend, body, mind and spirit.

Vision of Modern Dance 2ed

Paperback, 01/10/1998, £20.00

Theatre and the Body

Paperback, 04/12/2009, £6.99
Bodies are active and dynamic elements of theatre production and spectatorship. They are important concepts as well as objects within theatre. This book examines the rich and complex relationships between the uses of bodies in theatre and the ways in which bodies are culturally imagined and understood in theatre.

Dancer's Guide to Getting Work

Paperback, 01/02/2005, £15.99
If you were born to dance, but are having difficulty with the first steps to stardom, this is the book for you. From finding the right training to getting an agent, from performing in music videos to working on the West End stage, this is a down-to-earth source book of tips that will inspire and encourage you.

Director's Craft: A Handbook for the Theatre

Paperback, 12/08/2008, £23.99
A step-by-step guide to directing for the stage. It provides assistance with various aspects of the varied challenges facing all theatre directors. It addresses topics such as: the ideas that underpin a play's text; preparing improvisations; twelve Golden Rules for working with actors; and, analysing your work after a run has ended.

Directing - a Handbook for Emerging Theatre Directors

Paperback, 29/09/2011, £16.99
This vital handbook for directors just starting out offers an overview of historic and current practice as well as key theories, professional advice, interviews with practitioners and a series of exercises to develop the director's own approach and practical skills.

Greek Tragedy

Paperback, 23/03/2011, £17.99

Dance in a World of Change

Paperback, 01/06/2008, £25.99
Features practicing dance educators, choreographers, critics and scholars, who have a distinguished record of scholarship and practice in the field of dance education. This book expands on the discourse and curriculum of dance in ways that connect it to the critical, political, moral and aesthetic dimensions of our contemporary social lives.

Body, Dance and Cultural Theory

7, 17/07/2003, £19.99
Using a series of case studies, this text explores ways of looking at dance as a social and artistic (bodily) practice, as a means of generating insights into the politics of identity and difference as they are situated and traced through representations of the body and bodily practices.

Arts Administration

Paperback, 23/11/1995, £36.99
Following on from the successful first edition, Arts Administration has now been updated to include arts policy under the new UK Ministry of Heritage, the workings of the national lottery and the role of ethnic minority, fringe and community

Dance to the Piper

Hardback, 11/02/2016, £11.99

Toning: Creative Power of the Voice

Paperback, 01/12/1987, £8.99

Viewpoints Book: A Practical Guide to Viewpoints and Composition

Paperback, 24/04/2014, £12.99
An invaluable resource for theatre-makers, as well as for anyone with an interest in collaboration and the creative process, whether in art, business or daily life.

Different Every Night: Freeing the Actor

Paperback, 11/10/2007, £14.99
Containing rehearsal methodology, this book offers practical advice and guidance as well as different useful techniques for actors and directors.

Routledge Dance Studies Reader 2ed

Paperback, 22/01/2010, £30.99
Represents the range and diversity of writings on dance from the mid-to-late twentieth century, providing contemporary perspectives on ballet, modern dance, postmodern 'movement performance' jazz and ethnic dance.

Performance Studies: An Introduction 3ed

Paperback, 08/02/2013, £43.99
"With integrated companion website"--Cover.

Fit and Healthy Dancer

Paperback, 19/02/1999, £50.00
Regardless of the grace of their movement, dancers experience injuries more often than the lugs bucking heads on the rugby field or in the boxing ring.

Stanislavski an introduction

Paperback, 30/09/2008, £10.99
The Stanislavski "system" is still the only comprehensive method of actor training we posses. This text traces the growth of the "system" from its roots in the tradition of Russian realism, and charts the various phases it went through until the final emergence of the Method of Physical Action.

Oxford Dictionary of Dance 2ed

Paperback, 19/08/2010, £12.99
This new edition of the Oxford Dictionary of Dance provides the information necessary for dance fans to navigate the diverse dance forms in the 21st century, with new coverage of dance forms that have grown in prominence over the last 10 years, many new biographical entries, and a greater emphasis on the international dance scene.

Art of Songwriting

Paperback, 14/07/2016, £16.99

Dance Analysis: Theory and Practice

Paperback, 09/08/1994, £12.50

Conditioning for Dancers

Paperback, 15/09/2009, £26.50

My Body, the Buddhist

Paperback, 01/12/2000, £15.00
A premiere choreographer's compelling argument for the agency of the body in creative processes.

Intimate Act Of Choreography

Paperback, 10/08/1995, £14.95
Designed to be a treasured daily companion to the dance teacher or company director... It is not merely what is presented, but the delightful way the authors stimulate the imagination along the way that sets this book apart from others of its kind. Jan Wilkens, Dance Teacher Now


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